The Moez Massoud and Shery Adel Fiasco

By: Farah Dessouky

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Little profile check on both: Moez Masoud has participated in the production of ‘Clash’ a movie starring Nelly Karim. He Went to Cannes film festival to support his movie. Moez participated in the production of ‘Siham Mareqa’ a series in Ramadan 2018. He plays the guitar. Sang and played the guitar with Amir Eid in ‘Ya Rehla’. . 

Honestly I’m surprised that despite all his recognition and acceptance and actual production in the different artistic fields people would claim that he said acting is haram. A stereotype just because he is labelled as an Islamic preacher, which by the way, is not a label he claims. 

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Shery Adel: Sweet actress who follows our typical parents and society’s idea of ‘ehteram’. Which even if not true, should not be our concern, the notion of digging up in women’s past to deem them unworthy of marriage is disgusting, and even happened to Meghan Markle. So honestly it is not even an indication for anything. Just worldwide misogyny.

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Now there are reasons I believe the headlines of their marriage caused controversy, and it is everything that is wrong in our society. 


1- Patriarchy 

We believe that a man is the decision maker in the relationship. So if the guy thinks his wife’s job is not appropriate she should in a blink of an eye quit. Or else he’s not a man and/or a hypocrite. However if we’re being rational human beings who have a healthy view on relationships, we’ll realize that men should not be the decision makers, and that any two people involved romantically, definitely won’t have identical beliefs whether religious or not. So they just meet at middle grounds. So no he may not necessary be an influence on her ‘yemken rabena yehdeeha’. People just decided that she is not religious and are wishing her well on her taree2 to ‘el hedaya’. Seriously get off your high horses.



2- Lack of acceptance 

Judgement of others as morally inferior makes people feel good about their own religious practices. Judgement in general feeds the ego. Other than people who don’t have a life of course and keeping up with others’ news is all they have. In a perfect world if someone witnessed something that does not align with their beliefs they won’t take out of their time to harass/bully/bash the person doing so. But unfortunately the real world lacks acceptance is rigid, and judgmental. 

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3- Double Standards 

Our bubble of supposed religious society… We are putting the burden on Moez Masoud of maintaining that. He’s a ‘religious preacher’ or whatever so if he strays from the mainstream idea of religion everyone is threatened as hell. ‘He shouldn’t do that he should be setting an example, if it wasn’t a famous religious figure guy it would’ve been okay’ So we basically are holding him responsible for our fragile beliefs? We like everything done secretly, and while he did not do anything unreligious many are claiming the opposite… But even if he did is he not human? Are we naive enough to think religious preachers don’t make mistakes?


4- The ‘Role Model’ Idea

I have no clue when are we going to stop idealizing people and treating them like gods. So what he’s a role model, does that justify people following his actions blindly? Will women start taking off their hijabs just because a religious figure married a non hijabi? Again fragility. We are people who make choices not followers going with the flow mindlessly. 


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5- Irrational Taboos

People are constantly watching movies and series while constantly shaming people in the entertainment industry. Like I could grasp how someone will disagree with something and just not do it. But if acting is haram what about watching movies. If we were a society against film not a bunch of big mouths no one will watch and it just would’ve vanished as an industry. ‘Di momasela’. Okay. Go watch your porn secretly in peace.


We are quick to label and say our opinions on issues that really don’t need an opinion. Society and people on social media sure wished them a happy marriage… Be and let be.

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