Cairokee – Thank You

By: Zeina Amr

Dear Cairokee, Thank You

Disclaimer: I’m a diehard fan so let’s hope this doesn’t end up being a cheesy letter from a fangirl 🙂
Being a cairokee fan doesn’t stop at listening to their latest music and knowing the lyrics by heart, it’s an adventure! We’ve been through a lot especially this past year. Their last album (Noataa Beida) has been released 1 year ago and I felt like an appreciation article was overdue.

One of my favorite things about them is how they make different music; you can literally listen to them in any mood and on any occasion. They gave us hope, showed us the true meaning of bravery and just made us happy through it all!

Another thank you goes for their loyalty to the fans. 6 concerts in 3 days? Yep, they did that! Going to a school and doing a concert there after their viral ‘mengheirak msh hatekmal’ video? Check that off the list too!

It feels like yesterday when I kept on refreshing their YouTube channel so I can listen to the album asap. For like a month straight I had to listen to the whole album on my was to school and on my way back lol! Here are my favorite lyrics from the album:

  1. إضحك كأن الفرح مقسوم عشان ضحكتك – Edhak
  2. هي تضحك يدبحوها و تتاوا هو يغلط يقولوا معلش دي شقاوة -Hodna
  3. عشانك انا قادر اكمل عشانك قادر اتحمل و في كل مرة بشوفك بحبك تاني من الأول -Layla
  4. إوعاك تسأل لماذا أو من أين لك هذا خدلك چب و إزازة و ابعد عن السياسة -El Sekka Shemal f Shemal
  5. أجبر بخاطري يا زمن و إديني لمسة حنان و افردلي ضهري الاتقطم رجعني زي زمان -El Keif
  6. بيجيبوا الفيهم فينا بعد ما باعوا أراضينا قال ايه بيقولوا علينا شباب معندوش إنتماء -El Dinosaur                                  

Here’s a video I thought I should include, it was shot in one of their concerts in Tahrir Square

So on Noataa Beida’s 1st birthday I’d like to tell my favorite band that no matter how many concerts are cancelled your loyal fans will always have faith in you and will continue listening to your music!

P.S When’s the new album???

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