Tied for the Devil

By: Hanna Haitham

turn around
the lights flash
they’re all on me
i take the stand
and grab the pole
it’s ironic how people can only see what they choose to
for example
they see me
dancing on the stage
but they neglect my tears
the stiffness of my posture
the hurt etched on my face
my thoughts are jumbled
but i continue my routine
cue the applause as i leave the stage
and the only thought running through my head then was
take me home
but i have no time for my tears to fall
because soon he’s standing in-front of me
in a suit
i look at him and see satan
satan with dollar bills, hundreds of them
dollar bills that he paid to get and keep me
he looks at me and the song starts
for the “private show”
now satan doesn’t neglect my tears
they amuse him
he waits for me to finish
with a sadistic smile on his face
a smile that has forced me to do one too many things
a smile that made me feel like i’ve sold my soul to him
but i didn’t, not willingly anyway
it’s every night
that i sleep to the sound of tears
tears of other girls all around me
that have went through what i’ve been through
girls who’ve gotten better at hiding it
i wonder, when will this end
how long will this go on
but for now
i’m tied at the hands for the devil

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