8 Ways to Invite Positivity Back to Your Life

By: Sohaila El Nahas

Life is difficult enough as it is. Stressful events bombard us every day with no rhyme or reason, and handling them all in an appropriate and polished manner can be tough. Sometimes, past problems come back to haunt us and disrupt our entire lifestyle, making everything much harder than it has to be. So, how can we get rid of all that negative energy and finally thrive?

  1. Point where most of that negative energy is coming from


It’s time to get real with yourself for a minute. For example, if you find yourself scrolling through old texts with an ex-best friend or an ex-boyfriend, or digging in your camera roll to find photos of people that aren’t in your life anymore, clearly you feel as if you need some type of closure with them. This is the hard part. Now you just have to figure out how to proceed from there.

  1. Think of ways to deal with the situation maturely

We have to start “growing” at some point or another. Handling difficult relationships and situations with maturity resolves issues with ease and makes you the bigger person, rather than you blasting your beef all over Twitter for a passive-aggressive dig. Grow up, sis.

  1.      Remove unnecessary negativity from your life

Some things are just past the point of fixing, and that’s not your fault. Sometimes, all it takes is a little bit of time before you and the person you’re having issues with can both heal and come to terms with the situation individually, before solving it as a unit. But until then, you have to do what’s best for yourself. If seeing their posts or pictures affects your day or puts a damper on your mood, it’s time to block them until the tension cools. It’s for the best. It’s for you.

  1. Recognize your worth

No one is special enough to make you feel as if you’re less than the person that you are. Exude confidence in everything you do, but more importantly, put confidence in yourself. Know that you are worthy of everything positive life has to offer, and if you’re constantly swarmed by negativity, know that you deserve better.

  1. Exercise/ yoga/ cardio the bullshit away

It’s scientifically proven that exercising for 30 minutes to an hour every day not only releases feel-good endorphins, but also reduces anxiety, depression, and any negative thinking patterns that could be ruminating in your head that day. And if you need a better (pettier) reason, go for the revenge body, sis. Pick up a dumbbell and work out your way to happiness.

  1. Treat yourself!

No, material goods, drinks, or desserts won’t magically erase negativity from your life. But hey, we can’t all be running on treadmills 24/7. Sometimes, a little luxury is good for the soul. Even if it’s something as small as an ice cream cone after work, know that you worked hard enough for one and that you deserve to enjoy it. Treat yourself!

  1. Surround yourself with positive energy/ people

If all your friends do is complain and project all their issues onto you, which puts you in a bad mood, in turn, you’re hanging out with emotional vampires. Don’t cut them off necessarily, but make an attempt to hang out with people who inspire you to do and be better, or spend time with people who ultimately make you feel good at the end of the day.

  1. Remain unbothered

All of this would’ve been for nothing if you keep inserting yourself in issues that expend your energy and leave you emotionally drained. If people with anything but good intentions keep trying to insert themselves into your life and ruin the foundation you set up for yourself, it’s time to practice the art of not giving a shit. The worst punishment is being ignored while they watch you thrive from afar.

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