Forward Message To… Pt. II

By: Hagar Ibrahim

I tend to stand in everyone’s shoes before I take a reaction or analyze an ongoing phenomenon. In this week’s “forward message to…?” article, I’ll try to stand in the shoes of a person who could’ve put a stop to a life-threatening situation, but chose not to. I’m not saying that they’re not humans like us. They’re just inhumane humans, and I apologize if this gets too personal or too blame-y.

You’ve received a rewarding gift that has sent blood from all over your body to an area you often like to please. “Eye Candy” is what you have on a portable device that has data that will soon be on everyone else’s phone. You’ve always told me that you’ve never loved someone as much as me; you’ve always highlighted that my embrace was your happy place; you’ve made it clear that my kiss was your anesthetic when your mother refused to buy you a new game for your PlayStation. I don’t blame you, entirely. I blame myself for not following my gut instinct. The only thing I blame you for is not being a better person than I was back then.

You’d often stop and think about how stupid someone can be for trusting a teenager with an expensive device and internet access, but have you ever stopped and asked yourself how can someone be so cold-hearted to the extent that they curse someone for the rest of their lives with a fear and trauma they’ll never get over? Me neither. It is so sad that alpha males are rewarded for having too many females surrounding them. It makes a 14 year old boy, who hasn’t even reached puberty yet, to have a girlfriend with raisins for breasts for 4 days. Can you imagine how cool a 15 year old male who has explicit pictures of a girl is? Sadly, people can’t just take pride in things by themselves. We humans tend to share and sometimes even overly-share. By sharing, I don’t mean posting about graduating high school on social media, but by sending consent-less pictures of someone on group chats, private chats, Snapchat, DMs and even worse, Revenge porn sites.

In a community as small as a school, rumors spread around in a matter of seconds. He tells his friend Malak, she tells her group of friends. Laila, who is in Malak’s group of friends, tells Youssef. Youssef, who does not know you, who is Laila’s friend, who is in Malak’s group of friends, tells Ahmed. Ahmed, who also does not know you, who is friends with Youssef, who is Laila’s friend, who is in Malak’s group of friends, now knows. And suddenly every hormonal ape of a teenager views him as the coolest dude at school for getting nude pictures from the girl who has slightly bigger breasts than other girls.

Naturally, every superstar has haters, but the sound of clapping and cheering conceals all of the hate speech they receive. People often feel pity for the victims of revenge porn and might even attack the revealer, but everyone’s begging him to send them the pictures. So, whatever your open-minded, accepting friends try to stop him, it is not going to work.

You don’t know the other side of the story, you never will.

To be continued…..

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