7 Top Local Underground Artists & Bands You NEED To Check Out

By: Hedayette


1. Malak El Husseiny


Malak is definitely on a grind these past few months; from having her own production company (WhiteNoise) and producing for top corporations such as Pepsi to writing her own music and releasing it as well. Malak performs all over Cairo and her soothing voice is definitely one you’d want to keep on repeat.

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2. Hany Mustafa


Hany is for sure one of my favorite local musicians (pssstt I interviewed him check it out here: https://teenntimes.wordpress.com/2018/04/03/meet-the-crooner-of-the-egyptian-scene-hany-mustafa/). From calm indie songs to straight up throwing his glasses across the stage, there’s nothing Hany Mustafa can’t do, and I’m lucky enough to be able to witness it all live during his performances. With a voice as smooth as Michael Jackson’s dance moves and song writing talent that might be undeniably better than Bob Dylan and his concerts are surely something that should belong on your summer bucket lists! Also, next event is on the 26th of July at Sakia Culture Wheel (Check the SCW page and website for more info.)

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3. SadaThat

Speaking of Hany Mustafa, he is the front man of Arabic band SadaThat whom were previously known as EgoZ before completely revamping their brand (and band). To be completely honest, I was never really into Arabic music, let alone an Arabic rock/alternative style with an indie twist as well. But when I first listened to their music, something about all the instrumental elements coming together and the flawless vocals, I was definitely hooked.  So if you’re looking to discover some new music and get off your seat and jump around a bit, a SadaThat concert is where you should be. P.S. They have a concert coming up on the 7th of July at Room Art Space ( check Facebook for more info.)

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4. Nada Ayoub ( Porsche)


Nada is not only one of my favorite artists but also one of my favorite humans. You can usually find her on her Instagram story entertaining the hell out of me alongside her now ‘instafamous’ mom!  Not only does she sing, but she’s also a phenomenal dancer who is usually found alongside the queen of dance Layla Ghaleb. Nada just started recently performing as a solo artist singing hip hop, RNB, and acoustic renditions of cover songs. You would probably recognize her from Sahbet el Sa3ada with what they call now  ‘Cinemania’ wowing us all with weather it’s with her smooth voice with Falling Slowly or making our jaws drop rapping in Indian in Jai Ho. Moral of the story: Nada can do it all!

P.S. Nada gave an extremely touching TED talk a few years back where she also explains how she got into dance, so watch that too!

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Ted Talk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pn62a6QNi00


5. Magued Nagati

A music teacher by day, and a drummer on fire by night; Magued Nagati is living the ultimate dream. Being the Ringo Starr of today is for sure what I would name him! Speaking of The Beatles, he is the drummer of The Beatles’ first tribute band in the Middle East Glass Onion, and he definitely makes the crowd go crazy and sing along especially during Yellow Submarine. He is also a part of a Sayed Darwish and El Sheikh Emam tribute band called Baheya which seems a bit unexpected, but they had such a beautiful modern twist to the songs that is definitely a must listen to!

P.S. A Glass Onion concert is coming up on the 13th of July at the Cairo Opera House!

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6. Nesma Mahgoub

You will probably recognize Nesma from the Al Araby advertisement this Ramadan and of course being the voice of the theme song of Ramadan hit TV series Layali Eugenie, which was extremely breathtaking! Nesma also writes and records her own music which will be linked as well. From slow lullaby’s to impersonating Om Kalthoum, there isn’t a thing Nesma Mahgoub cannot do!

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7. Dalia Farid Fadel

Dalia is probably also one of the most phenomenal voices in Egypt today. With her debut album being released on the 27th of March, where she really showcased her flawless voice, Dalia is definitely on the rise to fame! Previously performing with Soft Power Productions is where her talent really shined and gave us the opportunity to admire her fully! A concert is coming up this August so stay tuned!

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