What Teenntimes Is Really Like

By: Hedayette

  I’m literally writing this at 2 AM, but it’s something I wanted to share with the readers and is all genuine feelings and thoughts. No one told me to write this lol.

    So I’ve been writing for Teenntimes for about 6 months now, and it may not be a legit and traditional ‘office 9-5’ job, but it’s definitely close to that!

    Before applying, I’ve always visualized what it would be writing here, and it turned out to be really different, and I’m here to let you in on some ‘behind the scenes’ of TT and what it’s really like.

   First off, for some reason, I thought that the boss (AKA Fadila) would be super mean and strict like they show in the movies, which I don’t understand why?! Well that is DEFINITELY not the case… well… she does have her moments. She’s definitely the kind of person that is EXTREMELY serious about deadlines and being on time, she’s also very honest, so if she doesn’t like something, she’s going to straight up tell you “ I don’t like it” ( I love her though!!). Being a boss doesn’t mean feeling the need to ‘ boss’ people around all the time, but it’s rather about being able to lead and guide others, which Fadila does over and beyond!

      Next, I thought about co-worker rivalries; I felt like, as portrayed in, once again, many movies and series, ‘beef’ between employees is extremely common, well not here! This team became my literal second family; from sending memes, discussing controversial topics, reminding each other of deadlines *cough cough* , to the occasional making fun of each other and sometimes getting emotional; it’s definitely a roller coaster here! Our team is definitely one of a kind and truly a blend of uniqueness and pure talent.

     Next is being judged. Now if you know Teenntimes, you’ll know that it’s a safe place for all topics possible! At first, I was kind of shy to let my ‘writer persona’ take over, but as I adjusted, I noticed that I was in a place where judging didn’t even exist. It’s a place where I could do what I love with no boundaries or limitations.

      Yes I know, it’s cheesy, but I genuinely love every single person on this team, and I am truly grateful for each of you guys’ existences. From Zeinah’s endless rants, Fadila’s emotional voice notes, Hagar’s magic planning and organization,  Farah’s PR mastery, and 3 Full Bellies making me drool, I can assure you that this is the team that anyone would want to join and will fit in! I love you guys, and to whomever will join in the future, it’s truly where you’ll find your comfort and second home ( but also learning to be extremely prompt lol).

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