Casualties of Our Society

By: Zeinah Hesham

A father to die for his family to live is a sad tragedy. A mother to work day and night simply to provide for her children is a sacrifice. Romeo and Juliet dying for each other is a poorly thought out plan that became the most romantic tragedy. A soldier risking his life and mind for his country is a sacrifice. A person of color to be arrested for being a delivery man for a drug dealer, carrying 52 grams of cocaine and be sentenced to ten years is seen as a casualty.

Someone that was a simply trying to make some money for his family and gets ten years of prison for carrying cocaine that weighs as much as your phone is a tragedy yet it is seen as a casualty.

Nowadays , it is no longer a tragedy when there’s a homicide or a robbery gone wrong or a woman being raped and then murdered. This world has simply become immune to tragedies , these crimes are nothing but collateral damage. They are simply there to distract us from the fact that our homes are no longer places of calmness and joy , they are a war zone and battlefield. A battlefield that has simply not yet been hit but one that is ready to be destroyed.

The law no longer protects us , it’s there to restrict us. The law has been there to protect those who you see on TV and magazines from people who look more or less like those who are starving in deserts. Simply , the law protects those who have a skin that is as light as the morning sky and restrict those that possess skin tones of who have built our countries , who have served them for years and who have been nothing but restricted for years for their dark skin and luscious hair.

What world is it when we can’t protect our own?

In a land faraway from here to survive, you have to dress like them, talk like them, have your hair like them, mind your business, pin their flag to your coats and forget what it was like to have a heritage.

And what would we be getting in return?

We  would be getting the feeling of fear and paranoia eating us alive day by day because there’s a chance that as you’re walking down the street someone spits on you or calls you some sort of a slur which surprisingly enough happens to be a good scenario for us. There’s also us never belonging anywhere and never fitting in no matter how much you change. But the truth is if you do not look white and you do not have nice eyes and pin-straight hair , there’s a very high chance of you being shot just because you have a different skin colour and a different hair type.

Day by day , we ignore it. We pretend that this only happens in TV or on the news but we forget the fact that we ARE the news. Those who get shot are people who resemble me or you or your friend or your neighbor. We think that the news have stories of imaginary people but they are stories that are real and scary. Fear shuts us down in this world and what was supposed to protect us – the law – it is not longer a sanctuary , it is our highway to hell.

Again and again more people are arrested for crimes that they didn’t commit and the guilty parties escape because of our racist and sexist society. In a courtroom only mind is being put into decision and no heart. No heart makes it impossible for this world to be bearable. It makes it impossible for us to leave in peace , impossible for people to have second chances , impossible for us to survive together. And that needs to change , somehow at some point – the law , the society , this world. It all needs to change , not matter the cost.

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