5 Essentials You Need On a Summer Trip

By: Hedayette

Photo Credit: Farida Bustani

After a long wait, summer is FINALLY here and even though it’s all pools and beaches, late nights and just fun, there are essentials that you simply cannot live without! But no worries, I’m here to tell you just that.


#1: Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen

Now this is a pretty obvious one and is crucial. We all want that ‘summer glowy bronzy’ look, but being at risk of getting skin cancer? No thank you! If you want a little bit of color, you can opt for an SPF 30 or lower but reapply every 2 hours. Coconut oil is also a great substitute! To save your skin, you can always use bronzer or some self tanner instead!


#2: Pool Floaties

Now that it’s summer, we can focus on our instagrams and getting some cute ‘aesthetic’ photos. I know… I know seems shallow but come on, you cannot deny it! Floaties are a great way to add a nice touch to your photos to spice up your ‘photo-session’ at the pool or beach.


#3: Hats

Back to the sun theme, protecting your head and face are extremely important. There are so many types of hats and caps are definitely a girl’s go to! Straw hats are also coming back and we’re loving it!


#4: Sun?

You might be like: “ wait summer is all sun, what do you mean?” What I’m trying to say is that go out during the day and stop staying inside because it’s too hot or because you don’t want to. Vitamin D is extremely good for you and your bones so get out there and get some summer lovin’!


#5: Water

Hydration is key in this summer heat! You’re supposed to drink 8 glasses or more of water so if you’re not keen on chugging so much water, spice up your water by adding in some slices of fruit or squeeze in some lemon for a yummy lemonade 😉


Just remember, summer is all about the company of friends and experiencing new things, so make summer 2k18 the best one yet!

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