5 “Feminist” Topics You Probably Misunderstand

By: Zeinah Hesham

1 – Body and Facial Hair :


The idea of keeping body and facial hair isn’t to spite you or gross you out or even out of stubbornness for what society has forced upon women. Keeping our hair is simply about taking charge of our own bodies and ‘own it’. Constantly those who don’t understand women , say that we need to be confident but we cannot be confident whilst constantly stripping away parts of us just to please the eyes; which creates even more insecurity. A woman should feel comfortable with keeping or removing her hair , empowerment is how you treat it. Removing hair will not make you less of a feminist , it is simply your call whether you want to keep it or not and if you’re confident without it then this is how you should have it.

2 – Becoming Confident :


A lot of the time, you will find that you are surrounded by beautiful girls who are blindly insecure and then you tell them ‘don’t be insecure. Boys like confident girls.’. A girl doesn’t need to be confident to be appealing to man but she should be confident to be happy with herself and be comfortable all the time. Confidence comes when you understand that you don’t owe anyone anything not when someone tells you that you fit into someone’s type and boxes.

3 – Misogyny and Misandry :


Simply , both of those words mean hatred of women and hatred of men. Feminism is NOT a hatred of any sex or gender. It’s about equality, it’s about both genders being equally appreciated and being given the same chances. If a woman is being treated simply cause has boobs then that’s not feminism and a feminist will want to achieve equality for men that aren’t treated well just as a feminist will want a woman to be given the same chance if she has the qualifications for a job that a man has applied to but is more likely to be hired simply because he has a penis.

4 – Slut Shaming :


A woman should not be shamed simply because of her sex life. A man is praised upon how many women he sleeps with and how many numbers he gets but if a woman does the same thing, she is shamed for it and is seen as someone who is unfit to be with or be around. Rumors spread more and more and ruin a girl’s reputation making it hard for her to even have a friend who wouldn’t talk about her in that way either.

5 – Body Image :


The irony in this matter is that constantly girls are being put under this pressure to look a certain way by all types of media , magazines , shows , films , social media yet when girls keep showing how insecure they could be – everyone around them rushes to tell them that they’re beautiful and they need to be more confident. You can’t force a girl to desire to look a certain way and then wonder why she feels insecure despite the pressure that has been put upon her.

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