A Teenager Under Modern Day Imperialism

By: Maida

Imperialism is a historical topic taught in school, and to most of us, it seems like an impossibility in modern day society. Unfortunately, imperialism roams our earth as bright as day funded by the single country that obtains the largest sphere of influence. To those who may not be caught up to this era’s news here is a refresher; basically, imperialism is the act of invading a country by rightful means (note the sarcasm)  and stripping its people of all the commodities they provide, and primarily they’re right to be human. This distorted form of rule was originally formed by European powers back in the day who sought raw materials, and craved for power. They set their targets towards the vulnerable nations at that time. In order to infiltrate those regions, mainly Africa, rightfully they stated that they were doing so in order to educate those who are lower, and do not maintain the right religious beliefs. Lie. However, due to their superiority, they were not questioned much nor opposed. Later on, they were able to claim their rule amongst other nations, forcefully making them oblige to their commandments, and eliminating those who revealed mere glimpses of riots. This form of rule played a major role in the World Wars, and was believed to be abandoned a long ago. But to our dismay, it hasn’t.


One of the Arab nations is insufferably experiencing imperialism first hand. Palestine has become a pawn in a wicked game for years, and each nation that commends to their imperial rulers are only there to pick it apart until it becomes nothing but a has been country. One mentioned only in the history books. The absurdity of Palestine’s current condition is erratic, and it should be regarded with more care. However, this no plea for peace it is instead the story of a young Palestinian teenager, a true inspiration, who has gone to extreme measures for her country. This is a story about the girl who awed the world, the girl who deserves freedom, the girl who marked history. This is the story of Ahed El Tamimi.


Tamimi is an activist known profoundly for defending her nation against imperial forces, age seventeen, born in Nabi Salih to a relatively active family. Tamimi’s story began the day she was let into the world, where her house was owned by others. In a world where her ethnicity was frowned upon. In a world where she was neglected as a human, and instead considered an object. Being born into such impoverished circumstances instigated a protective spark within the child at a young age, and alongside her unremitting confidence solely driven by the hunger of breaking free, her love for her country, and the truth of the eerie rule she became the Arab heroine.


Tamimi is reluctantly found through recorded videos standing up to the erotic forces, barricading her country’s honor. The young activist, however, was recently jailed for harmlessly slapping an officer who had shot her cousin, and violated her family’s privacy by forcing his way into their house premises. That act cost the then sixteen-year-old an 8-month jail, for the sheer act of defense. Her detention was not only cruel but beyond so, for the teenager was sexually assaulted by a solider increasing her suffer.


After her reported imprisonment, the hashtag save Ahed El Tamimi became widespread internationally. This young girl managed to bewilder the world with her nationalism, and confidence in what she confines within to be true. Therefore I ask this world’s higher powers, who infest our minds with how their greatest concern is world peace, is this your way of conveying the message? By imperializing a whole nation, and its people, depriving all their rights, inflicting physical pain upon them and then placing those who simply express their rage over the avenge of their own, one they should not be obligated to even fight for, at fault.

Ahed Tamimi a relentless, determined, young girl manages to amaze the world with her valiant act of speaking up. Only to be locked up hours later, in courtesy of imperialism.

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