9 Braces Facts and Hacks to Get You Through Your “Braces Phase”

By: Hagar Ibrahim

Do you have a bunch of metals on your teeth? Hate it? I feel you. Braces can be a pain in the ass but trust me it’s completely worth it. Before braces, I thought they looked cute until I tried to send my crush a cute picture of myself but after having them for nine months I really can’t wait till I see my pearly whites free of metals. Besides the fact that they look hideous, they hurt. Like A LOT. But I’ve managed to deal with them and own them! And i’ll show you how. Disclaimer: what might work for me might not work for you, we all have different bone structures and our bodies react differently to change.

1. Thanks for giving me a free subscription to hell!

The rumors about how bad the first couple of days are sadly true. Your teeth are not used to having a glued metal of them and you’re not used to eating with something on your teeth. I am against munching on painkillers when your toe hits the side of your bed but you’ll have to take a couple in order to be able to cope. Advil, panadol, or any dental related pain killers (not gels) will be your best friend for the first couple of days. Pro tip: if your usual dose is two pills, start by taking two, then gradually decrease your dosage. If you cure whatever is hurting you by painkillers on daily basis, your body will get used to it.


2. Slurp

Baby food, soups and mushy food did not do me justice when I first got my braces. I would eat 3 full jars of gerber and still be hungry. Your girl needs her proteins. For the first few days I ate molokheya and if I liked bamya and other similar veggies I would’ve consumed them but sadly I don’t. Shred (not cut) your chicken/meat and put more molokheya on your rice till your teeth get used to the situation.


3. Give samara a break

I have happy news for you, you will be able to eat gum! I know right!! Cut down the gum for the first few days of braces and don’t consume gum that will require a lot of movement in there. You don’t want to visit your orthodontist a couple of hours after your last visit.


4. Use your opportunities

Braces are as bad as an ugly break up, but they give you the chance to stop many bad habits. Caffeinated/carbonated drinks will leave you with white spots after removing your braces and because no one wants to end up with the teeth of a 6 year old who refuses to brush their teeth and lives on pepsi, you will eventually stop drinking black nescafe and switch to adding creamer to your coffee. Pepsi is also a big no no and you’ll have to give it up. To you my shisha addicts, you’ll have to give up your enab neanaa baby for a while.


5. Fen l dehka l helwa?

Yup, you’re going to hate your smile. Flashback sucks and being 18 and looking 8 sucks. I’ve managed to find the perfect smile/sexy pout in pictures. Pout your lips a tad bit, smile, raise your eyebrow and squint your eyes a bit. Here you go!


6. Don’t lose your friends

One of the drawbacks of braces is that you.always.have.food.in.your.teeth. Eating with braces is as tricky as doing hurdles while 9 months pregnant. Keep a small or normal sized toothbrush and a small tube of toothpaste in your backpack/locker, in the black MK bag you always take out, in your best friend’s bathroom and everywhere. No one would like to know what you ate yesterday.



Braces are metals that are in the dirtiest place in your body, take extra care of them. Have numerous toothbrushes on you, brush your teeth for 3 minutes twice a day, brush your teeth after every meal and drink you have, use mouthwash. Buy an “intra dental” toothbrush, ask your orthodontist to show you how to properly floss. 1 thing that I’ve learnt is that everyone should have a different technique when it comes to brushing your teeth, and yes I’ve been brushing my teeth the wrong way for the past 17 years. Ask your orthodontist to show you how to properly brush and take care of your teeth and gums.


8. Elastics, elastics

If you’re a victim of “open bites” like me, you’re going to have to use elastics or satan. Elastics are used to pull your teeth closer and to perfect your bite. You’ll have to put them all day everyday and you’ll have to remove them whenever you have to eat, not pretty. Obeying your doctor and listening will help you get rid of your braces quickly, so don’t give in to the pain. You’ll have to use painkillers because this is the most painful part of braces. The elastics come in little zip-lock bags and you’ll lose them right away, ask your orthodontist to give you more than one pack and keep one in your backpack and in your black MK bag.


9. Be positive and ish.

I know that you can’t see the end of your suffering but if you keep complaining you’ll never notice how beautiful your teeth are getting. I’d suggest you suck it up, take all the brace-face jokes, take all of those who joke about your age, and keep in mind that you’ll have awesome amazing teeth right after your done.

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