7 Light Must Read Summer Books

By: Hedayette

Sunshine, blue skies, and new books—what more could you ask for this summer? Whether your plans include relaxing on the shore or setting up in front of the AC, we know your summer won’t be complete without a stack of books at your side. To make sure you don’t miss any of this season’s incredible new releases,I’ve rounded up a list of must-reads!

The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang


If dating were an algorithm, Stella Lane would have it mastered. Instead Stella, a 30-year-old econometrician with Autism Spectrum Disorder, decides to conduct her own relationship study. She hires escort Michael Phan to tutor her in the finer points of sex and dating. For Michael, an extended gig means a steady flow of money to help his mom, who’s been diagnosed with cancer. The two attempt to keep things professional at first, but soon genuine feelings begin to develop. Inspired by author Helen Hoang’s own experiences with Autism Spectrum Disorder, this sweet and steamy debut novel will charm contemporary romance lovers.


Little Do We Know by Tamara Ireland Stone

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High school seniors Hannah and Emory have been avoiding each other for months, which is no easy task when you live next door. They’ve been neighbors and best friends their entire lives, but their friendship went up in smoke after a heated argument that culminated in Emory calling Hannah a “sheep” for not questioning her father’s religious beliefs. The girls are brought together once more when Emory’s boyfriend Luke is found unresponsive in his car outside of Hannah’s home. Luke is revived by Hannah and her father, which leads Luke to question his own thoughts on fate and a higher power. The chapters alternate between Hannah and Emory, giving readers a deep and insightful look into their lives as they confront change, loss, and skepticism.


Summer of Salt by Katrina Leno

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Readers craving some magical realism this summer won’t want to miss this journey to the island of By-the-Sea. The island is mostly populated by ordinary families, aside from the Fernweh women, who possess magic, and their 300-year-old ancestor Annabella who takes the form of a bird and visits the island every summer for the annual festival. Seventeen-year-old twins Georgina and Mary are the latest in the Fernweh line. Their gifts (particularly their mother’s hangover cure) are appreciated by the islanders, but when Annabella is murdered, superstitious eyes turn on Mary. Georgina sets out to uncover the truth, with a little help from a very cute visiting birdwatcher named Prue.


Final Draft by Riley Redgate

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Aspiring novelist Laila Piedra lives for her creative writing class. She’s working on a science fiction novel, and eagerly drinking in praise from her teacher Mr. Madison. But when Mr. Madison is replaced three months before graduation by Nadiya Nazarenko, a Pulitzer Prize–winning novelist, Laila finds herself suddenly struggling in her favorite class. Dr. Nazarenko is critical and seemingly impossible to please. Laila flounders until she heeds Dr. Nazarenko’s advice to get out of her own head and live a little. Challenging herself to take risks is frightening and thrilling, and along the way Laila learns a great deal about herself, her sexuality, and her dreams.


Learning to Breathe by Janice Lynn Mather

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Sixteen-year-old Indy Ferguson studies hard and stays out of trouble, but it doesn’t stop the people in her life from assuming that she’ll end up just like her alcoholic mother. She’s sent to the island of Nassau to live with her aunt, who her grandmother believes can offer Indy a better life than her mom. But Indy’s aunt isn’t there when she’s needed most, and Indy is raped by her cousin. When Indy discovers she’s pregnant, she feels trapped and unsure of where to turn. It’s only when she discovers a yoga retreat that Indy finds people who support her rather than judge her. This is a heartbreaking but powerful story about resilience, injustice, and hope.


The Looking Glass by Janet McNally


It’s been a year since Julia Blake, a rising star at the National Ballet Theatre Academy, suffered an injury that left her unable to dance. She disappeared shortly after and no one has seen or heard from her since, not even her sister Sylvie, a fellow ballerina. When a book of fairy tales from the sisters’ childhood arrives in Sylvie’s mailbox, she wonders if the strange list of names inside could be a clue from Julia. Determined to find her sister, Sylvie sets out on a road trip with her best friend’s brother Jack. But does Julia truly want to be found? And if she is, can Sylvie save someone who may not wish to be saved? With hints of magical realism woven throughout, this is ideal for readers looking for the perfect blend of fairy tales and reality.


Social Creature by Tara Isabella Burton

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Louise Wilson and Lavinia Williams are friends, but the friendship doesn’t look quite like other friendships. That’s because it’s lopsided: Lavinia is beautiful and outgoing and leads a charmed life. Louise, on the other hand, doesn’t have a very broad social circle, isn’t very happy, and is determined to cling to her friendship with Lavinia no matter what. Then, the dynamic of the friendship shifts, and Louise finds herself on the outside again. Louise doesn’t take this well, and she will have to make a new, more sinister plan to keep Lavinia close.


N.B.All book blurbs’ ideas were mostly taken from the official websites of the books above.

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