Palette of Emotions

By: Hanna Haitham

you fall in love slowly
then all at once
you bask in it
you let it wash over you
you look for it in everyplace you lose yourself in
you feel it wrap around you like fine silk
lull you into a dreamy state of happiness
you fall out of love quickly
like a cold shower
you feel the withdrawal choke you
day by day
you still look for it
but it isn’t there
it only lurks in the shadows of your brain
and reveals itself if you look too closely
the thing is
you should revel in the falling as well as
the withdrawal
we only look to a good thing as long as we have it
because once it leaves it spreads bad memories in it’s wake
you should be able to feel the fall
the fly all the same
the pain the truth the fear
are all crucial feelings
you need to revel in
pleasure and pain, toeing the same line
they walk hand in hand
and when pleasure strikes
pain comes soon after
because it’s only normal to have a palette of emotions
you should explore each and every one with a sense of purpose
that way you can fall
you can fly
and you will still be able to smile

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