7 Reasons Why Marwan Younis is an Absolute Badass

By: Farah Dessouky

Marwan Younis is definitely our favorite comedian and entertainer on social media – and maybe in the world. We love him for reasons that extend between how real, blunt, and hilarious he is to his dark messy locks.  Here is every reason for said badass-ness.

1- Spontaneity
Marwan started off in a blink of an eye after his first viral video ‘what about your first oscarz’. And ever since then we’ve been blessed with the nature of his black comedy satirical videos. Totally not forced and totally relatable.

2- His ‘influencer’ videos
No one other than Marwan will actually make you enjoy watching him unbox the gifts all influencers get. While we tap past them blindly Marwan was actually smart enough and does what he does best: implement his seemingly natural sarcasm to make it enjoyable.

3- The supportive husband model
Marwan is the opposite of typical Egyptian guy, he’s very supportive of his wife Daliah Galal who is a PR guru herself and always on the go. If anything, Marwan unknowingly -in my opinion – is setting himself as a role model for his followers and fans to follow in his footsteps, most of said fans/followers being youth.

4- Keeping it real
Loyal fans out there you probably have seen his video on education and thanaweya amma. If you haven’t seen it it is a MUST watch. He did not give the typical good luck pep talk. But actually stressed on the importance of english and IT (couldn’t agree more) in the future. And also talked about how stressing too much is not worth it.

5- His lack of toxic ‘ragel’ image
While i know i should not be praising men for being decent – which should be the norm – i find myself thinking well it isn’t so Marwan deserves the praise for his defiance. If anything, guys like Marwan are paving the way for others to become decent human beings free of toxicity.

6- Hair duh
We are so here for that bohemian/ rebellious vibe Marwan is giving. Very teen-ish of us right?

7- Marwan Gana
Lastly Marwan’s ramadan hit show on NRJ Radio was nothing but above everybody’s expectations. Not many are currently interested in Radio shows but somehow, Marwan worked his charm even with us – talk about creativity and innovation!

We can’t wait to see what Marwan has for us in store in the upcoming months…

Marwan, we want more!

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