These 6 Hacks Will Help Kick Your Boobies’ Struggles Goodbye

By: Hagar Ibrahim

We all know someone who struggles to express themselves because of how beautifully built their curves are. One aspect that might stop many from choosing certain items is having big busts. Big boobs can be a blessing and a curse. From fitting in that strapless dress in no time to not finding a bikini top that’s your size. I’ll guide you through the way of having DD boobies easily:

1. V-necks:

While you can go splurge yourself in an 800 LE VS bra, you can also invest in an item that’s a game changer, fashion tape. It sounds very painful but trust me it isn’t. If you want to wear a V-neck, show what your mama gave you and escape from blatant staring, fashion tape is your way to go. Fashion tape is a kind of double-sided adhesive tape that sticks to your breast and you top at the same time. And because a piece of tape will never give you any support, you can always use fashion tape as it will separate them and wear a bra on top for maximum support.

2. Convertibles:

DO NOT BUY A BRA WITH THE REMOVABLE STRAP AND EXPECT IT TO DO THE JOB. A rookie mistake we’ve all made!. Buy a bra that has straps attached to the cups and can change from the back area. You can always wear square cut tops by criss crossing the straps on the back area. This gives maximum support.

3. Bandeau tops:

If you made the mistake of wearing a strapless bra and thought that it would actually do anything, you probably discovered bandeau tops. Turns out, these useless yet very expensive pieces of cloth can actually provide a tad bit of support. Just wear a bandeau top on top of them and they’ll work just fine. Make sure to buy a bunch so when one becomes too loose, you have back-ups.

4. Bikini season:

Finding a cute bikini that is not an A cup is pretty difficult. I’ve came to the conclusion that designers and stores decided that girls with big boobs just shouldn’t wear bikinis. One trick I found very useful is tailoring. You can always buy cheap bras and tailor the cups onto the inside of the swimsuit. Another trick I found useful is actually tailoring my swimsuit from scratch. Choose the design you want, the color you want, the kind of pattern, and go to your mom’s tailor and ask them if they can help you reach the expected results.

5. Sweaty susan:

We are all victims of heatwaves. Your boobs will be your worst enemies during the summer because of how sweaty they get. I found the ultimate solution to get rid of this dilemma. Unscented baby powder is the answer.

6. Wedding craze:

Have you ever seen pictures of yourself in a wedding and almost puked? Because same. Finding good looking dresses for fancy occasions can be very tricky if not impossible. A lot of cuts don’t suit curvy body types and they look so good on mannequins but almost too sexy and too sexual on you. The best cut for my busty girls is the square cut. It gives you a lot of support and you can dance your night away without giving a thought about a nip slip.

Your breasts do not define you.

Your breasts do not define you.

Your breasts do not define you.

You would totally rock anything you’d wear!

Love them and embrace them.

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