The World Cup aka The Misogyny Feast

By: Farah Dessouky

The highlight of the world cup for many could and actually should be cheering for their favorite teams, enjoying the spirit, or even going out to watch the matches, but honestly the highlight i see and feel is the misogyny. Sexist memes are raging the internet and for some reason boys think the offside rule is a work of Einstein. We fucking get the rule it’s not astrophysics. The only explanation I get for shaming women for their football knowledge and even the lack of it is as simple as possible that men think football is THEIR thing. It’s the sport that when brought up expected to be played by men and to peak the interest of men. So every fragile man out there is intimidated of losing their ‘edge’. So they counter with statements like ‘enty msh fahma haga fl kora matekalemeesh’.

To be clear, I have no interest in football whatsoever. But is that because of my vagina? No. I’m writing this while thinking of all my guy friends who are not crazy football fans and of all my girl friends who are. The myth of football being for boys is getting on my nerves constantly. It’s not just a trivial feeling it is active oppression being carried on and here’s how.




I will not even address the person who wrote that post because if they were a one flawed person it wouldn’t have been much of a problem. My problem is that this post gained the attention of 10.7k people. It entertained them. A guy being an asshole to his girlfriend because she wanted to share with him his interest in football apparently is a burden. And the portrayal of the girl as dumb and needy. Bravo.



Not only are they alienating women from the event, they are so entitled that they think they’re gonna put ‘rules’ for women. This is so pathetically sad really. And again the offside rule that is driving them insane.



Of course all the brands decided to chip in, because sexism is one hell of a marketing strategy right? They say at the beginning of their shit ad for their shit products that 4 million couples are separated yearly because of soccer… Apparently that’s a statistic from @funfact on instagram. So the genius solution is: let’s ‘create the first underwear that makes women feel the passion of the game’. I am very enjoying the image of the dude who came up with the idea. :))


Screen Shot 2018-06-17 at 10.00.07 PM.png

So I must say, it is a nice attempt to be on feminism’s side but that does not deny the reality of how much of a fail i believe it is. It does at the end enforce every stereotype. ‘Hanseeb el couiffeur’ ‘Hanseeb el mosalsalat el turkey’. Carina this is such a disappointment and what is more disappointing is the fact that many actually thought the ad ‘shattered stereotypes’.

I can’t wait for the misogyny feast to be over.

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