Ramadan’s Most Sexist (Shitty) Ads

By: Farah Dessouky

It’s either all the ads this year are shitty and horrible and sexist, or I’m just getting more woke and meticulous, but either way watching TV is now one of the many things that raise my blood pressure. Ignorant jokes and perpetuating toxic stereotypes is apparently the only marketing method people enjoy. But then again they are catered my sexist people for a sexist society. Here’s a list of all I believe went wrong and why…

1-Hany Salama’s – Skyline

The infamous ad where already thankfully many pointed out how problematic it is, from the male-only dialogue, to portraying women as whiny annoying creatures. This ad is just typical entitled cocky Arab guy. Honestly the message they’re trying to convey is: if you hate spending time with your own wife and your own kids come to skyline… Blatantly stupid.

2- Tiger

I can’t believe it’s 2018 and we’re calling a guy who’s demanding his girl change her clothes because “yebos f wesh el nas ezay b lebsaha da” MESAYTAR. When are we going to understand that “saytara” = abuse? You don’t get to control your girl and her life choices and be praised for it anymore! Do ads pass through any sort of regulation or correction before they are aired for the masses to joke about? Apparently no, or it’s doing a shitty job obviously.

3- Stone Residence

The ad literally says that; “El ragel wl set momken yekhtelfo ala hagat keteer el community stone residence”. Seriously? First, that men vs women dialogue is the most harmful thing we can do to our society. Second, stone residence I’m sorry but el sheyaka is not “kol haga f hayat el set” and what on earth is “el ragel maandoosh wa2t yedaya3o fl ahlam”.  Just stop with the stereotypes already. The series of ads is starring Karim Fahmy, Arwa Gouda, and Riham Abd el Ghafour.

Lastly, let’s stop accepting and start talking and changing!  

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