7 Types of Nasty People You Stumble into Every Day

By: Mariam Touny

Throughout our day to day lives, you come across certain people you’d wish you could avoid, but sometimes, life works in marvelous ways, and you’re left to deal with these people.

1. The Loki

Literal snake. Probably stabbed you before. (in the back, of course) Now this is the most common type of people you may meet, ever. The most manipulative people in the universe, and they’re usually so lowkey about it that you don’t realize they’re the villain until the middle of the movie– I mean until they’ve done you dirty. The only stark differences are that they’re usually one dimensional assholes who only care about themselves, and they don’t have amazing supernatural abilities. (Loki stans I love you please don’t come @ me)


2. The Shallow Hal

The really superficial people who judge others on what they look and dress like. If your clothes aren’t designer and you aren’t paper thin, then you’re irrelevant. Unless they get hypnotized into seeing people for their inner beauty in an elevator, there’s no hope for these people.


3. The Narcissus

Okay, these people are a real pain in the ass. They’re completely and utterly in love with themselves. Wouldn’t be surprised if they have a shrine for themselves at home. They constantly have to be the center of attention, and if you’re not them, guess what? You’re irrelevant. Bye.


4. The Self Appointed Advisor

Now this type, I’ve had the pleasure of talking to them more than once. (if you’re reading this, I’m sorry?) They spot a problem you have, or are going through, and could not, for the love of god, resist suggesting a solution. And it’s nice of them to offer advice, but there’s a fine line between being nice and annoying, and they’re more often than not, crossing that line.


5. The Braggart

This type just has to be the top. Regardless of the occasion or achievement, they have to one-up you by any means possible. Oh, you’re engaged? They have a line of suitors begging for their hand. You graduated? Well, they did it twice in a shorter span. You can see? They have 80/20 vision, basically eagle eyed, because that’s how fucking superior they are to you. Jesus.Take a chill pill. Or 10, since you’re so good at it.


6. The Brat

Believes the universe was created for the sole reason of serving their needs. Would probably disintegrate or turn to ashes (too soon?) if they lifted a finger and attempted to do anything. Y’all need to get off your high horses and just chill for a second.


7. The Negative Nancy
This type is so hard to please; like they can never agree to anything. Everything displeases them, and a negative energy accompanies them wherever they go. This energy is so toxic and can consume you if you don’t get the fuck outta there, so do me a favor and get the fuck outta there.

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