Egypt – Societally – is Worse Than a Teenage Party

By: Zeinah Hesham

Egypt is a muslim-biased country ; it is a country filled with muslims, their traditions , laws and beliefs. So therefore it is no surprise when the culture of Egypt is extremely similar to muslim culture – in fact some get the Egyptian and the Muslim culture and nature confused with each other due to their striking resemblance.

However the people of Egypt aren’t always blind followers of its traditions and laws – not in front of their families at least. This is the story of how day by day Egypt does not only partake in the actions that are ‘only accepted barra’ but how it developed its own way and art of those wild nights and made those ‘aganeb ways’ their own and even worse.

At first I thought Egypt was an innocent and close minded society where nothing ever happens and everything is simply observed and envied yet the more years I spent socializing and getting to know different classes in Egypt and different people , the truth became more visible than ever to me yet it hasn’t fully left the protection of the religion’s shadow.

The more you grow up , the more you realize how truly fucked everyone and everything around you is.

There is no such thing as a girl that has never been touched or a boy that has never spread a rumor about a girl. All parties are alcohol and drug-filled and ecstasy is not just a feeling anymore. Girls kiss Girls and Boys kiss Boys and Girls kiss Boys who kiss Boys and Boys kiss Girls who kiss Girls. Sex isn’t just for marriage and virginity is no longer a virtue.

Alongside that , we are still living in denial of it. No one actually admits to anything they’ve seen or anything they’ve done because in some ways Egypt still remains a judgmental and somehow religious culture that will judge you even if everyone around you is doing the exact same thing.

So even if you’ve been with countless of girls who you’ve done unimaginable things to or with , you will still judge if a girl lost her virginity too soon. And if you’re a girl who’s addicted to alcohol you will still judge if your best friend tells you that she’s actually gay even if it doesn’t affect you at all.

We try so hard to be like everyone around us , we don’t see how much we’ve drifted from our roots , we don’t see the fact that what we do is in fact normal and not as outrageous as you make it out to be.

The difference between us and different countries is that we never really admit to our ‘mistakes’ and we see them as mistakes or sins yet we never try to forgive ourselves mainly because life is too short to dwell over whether alcohol or premarital sex will get you into hell or not.

The problem within our society is that we warn our kids about the dangerous crowds and the drunken crooks and what we don’t realize is that we are the kids that our parents warned us about.

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