Ramadan: The Month Of Judging How Religious Everyone Else Is

By: Farah Dessouky

Whereas people should be growing and trying to do good and be good they fail to recognize the evil within judgement. We’ve been told since forever that we know nothing about anyone’s or our value to God. It’s the one religious lesson everyone seems to ignore while continuing to enjoy their feelings of religious superiority and nourishing their egos.

Everything wrong with our society lies in the belief that we should do all wrongs secretly and everything will be okay. If your not fasting eat and drink secretly – no it’s not because of people’s ‘feelings’ rather because we are so fragile and want to maintain our bubble of supposed religious society. If you want to wear makeup wear it after iftar. If you want to smoke and drink wait till eid. What is the purpose behind trying to do good if that goodness is for a certain limited time frame. And most importantly what is the purpose of that good if that goodness is a result of societal pressures to maintain everyone’s idea of your ‘religiosity’.


I think the problem with ramadan and why it’s a hard month for everyone to mind their fucking business is because of how everywhere it is. ‘Shahr el 3ebada’ I get that and I get that life should be revolving around religion for many. Life should be revolving around religious for those who want their lives to revolve around religion. I might be getting all of this wrong but i personally do not think being forced to follow the norm because it is the norm and conforming to religion just like everything else is what religion is about. Religion is about faith and belief. If you’re praying taraweeh because all your friends are going and you don’t want to be deemed as less religious I don’t think it’s the same as willingly deciding you want to go pray. But then again I might’ve fallen into the trap of judging how religious everyone is…

Lastly, please stop turning religion into a social whatever. And stop the idea that your beliefs are the center of the universe.

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