5 Ways On How Not To Mess Up Your Sleeping Schedule During Ramadan

By: Hedayette

We all know Ramadan is the time for plenty of eating, late nights with friends and family, and usually minimal sleep. Going to bed at dawn and sleeping in is probably the worst thing to do to your body and obviously your sleeping cycle. The effect of it shows on your mood, energy, skin and of course those under eye bags! So I’m here to save you, and let you in on the secrets of how to wake up feeling energized and at least a little bit less cranky than before ☺

#1: Naps

Napping is essential (always), especially in Ramadan! So if you’re not planning to do anything after Iftar, do whatever you need to do then take a nap. You can set an alarm for however much you need before Sohour as well so you don’t miss out on that as well.  If you’re the type of person to nap during the morning to pass some time, try to get through the day in Ramadan, so that by the time Iftar rolls around you’ll be dying to sleep!

#2: Sugar, Sugar, Sugar ( and more carbs)

Ramadan is the perfect time to indulge is sugar and carb full meals, but overdoing it might be the reason why you toss and turn when it’s time to sleep. Sugar and carbs give you that extra surge of energy for a while which is why you feel so awake. If you try and cut down on those, and stick to more ‘healthier’ options, you’ll definitely want to sleep then.


#3 Light, Light baby

So while I was researching about this topic, I found that Increasing your exposure to sunlight, especially in the first half of the day contributes greatly to your sleeping pattern. Even as little as 10 minutes can help and the early morning is the best. This will help recalibrate your body clock to a more natural rhythm and better sleep pattern. So even if you feel like doing nothing else other than staying at home in the AC, open the blinds and get that sunshine!

#4: Coffee Addicts: This One Is For You

Having caffeine too close to bedtime may keep you from being able to fall asleep right after Iftar  and waking up in time for Suhoor. It is best to avoid consuming any caffeine (in coffee, tea, cola drinks, chocolate, and some medications) for at least 4-6 hours before going to bed, as it acts as a stimulant and interferes with the ability to fall asleep. Yes it’s hard to keep that coffee away, but sleeping is far more important, right?

#5: Weird Fact about Your Bed

It is also extremely important to not use your bed for anything other than sleeping, so that your body comes to associate the bed with sleep. If you use your bed as a place to watch TV, eat, read, work on your laptop, online shop etc., your body may lose the association of bed with sleep. This can create major sleep problems especially in people suffering from insomnia.


So now you have absolutely no excuses when it comes to complaining about not getting enough sleep, because you have everything right here. Yes, I’m allowing you to a few nights of all nighters and sleeping in until mid-afternoon, but not every day. I sound like such a mom, wow; get your sleep kids!

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