7 Sayings We Only Hear in Ramadan

By: Aicha Korachy

For the entire month, words have different meanings. Fetar means ghada and not breakfast. Fajr is an alarm and a red flag not just a prayer. And sentences that usually wouldn’t mean so much, mean everything. Ramadan comes and everything changes, but here are 7 Ramadan Sayings we all hear during our 30 days of fast, the good, the bad and the touching:


  1. My own personal favorite: “El Maghreb Adan!”: of course it isn’t what’s actually in the sentence it’s the relief and giddyness that fills your gut what you hear those words.


  1. “Allahom eny sa2em!”: it’s best heard when you’ve pushed all you sister’s buttons, but she can’t do anything but secretly hope to God that you slip and fall and go into a coma far away from her (not giving any ideas here). But still, hearing it is either a guilt-filled reminder that you just lost some hassanat or a way to tell someone off when they’ve pushed you too far.


  1. “Ramadan Kareem!” “Allah Akram!”: I love it when you’re walking out of a store and the cashier is smiling and not being a moody piece of poop and actually wishes you a good Ramadan. It’s the people that know how to enjoy it that make you wish it’s Ramadan all year.


  1. “Yalla Netsahar Barra”: In what other occasion would you take your friends and go out at 2:00 a.m to (justifiably) stuff your faces with a lot of food? Even if you go on random late late night meals with your friends, there’s something about Ramadan that makes everything better.


  1. “Sayem wala Zay Kol Sana?”: hahaha…haha.. Merci ya uncle 3ala el dehk… la2 sayem. W hadretak ba2a hatkhes Ramadan da wala zay kol sana? 🙂


  1. “Yalla e7na nazleen nesally”: casually walking out the door close to midnight, just to go to pray in a mosque and feel the calm and serenity of the Holy month’s nights.


  1. “Ramadan yeheb el lammah”: says your mom as she invites your 14 distant cousins (and their kids) over for Iftar. You act like you hate it, but you love being around them every year more than the one before it.  

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