The Law of Life

By: Mahfouz

“And We Have Already Created Man and Know What His Soul Whispers to Him, and We Are Closer to Him than His Jugular Vein” Quran 50:16

The law of life has been created on so many different levels.

A life must be orchestrated by the laws of god, and this, my friend is the law you’ve been taught at home, school and maybe anywhere you have ever been to.  

The laws of god go way beyond what Miss, 3awatef your third grade teacher has taught you.

Let me recite in the only way that’ll open your hearts to the magic within the realms of the law our life was built upon, my people, let us recite by and with the philosophy of the words that are only spoken and understood by a heart who has found its lost pieces in the 604 pages of God.

An Islamic Life is based on the wisdom of three Laws:


  • It is not the eyes that are blind, but the hearts.


A cardiac muscle was built to produce much more than pumps, my friend, your heart sees, your heart feels, your heart loves and your heart believes. The magic you see in an eye is nothing but the dust of a shooting star coming straight out of heaven’s biggest castle; a shooting star that came to water a wish that was planted by the Faith of God and this is the amount of power a heart of a believer holds. While reading the 604 pages, you will find stories of people who followed their eyes and you will find stories of people who followed their hearts, read carefully, read very carefully and only then you will understand that a blinded heart is half a bridge away from the demise of a soul that does not believe in the wisdom of the law, the law of god. Always remember that when you are closer to Allah, he softens your heart and he shows you the kind of love you will never find down here. Seek the solace in his forgiveness; it purifies your heart from anything that could ever blind it.



  • Seek greatness, be a reason, an idea and not only a visitor.


Seek greatness, reach the highest of ranks but don’t you dare leave the ocean for a bowl. Always remember that your legacy is immortalized in your deeds, and always let his light guide you. If you follow his orders, if you tend to live in order to create smiles, then he will never forget you. His people as well will never forget you, and if time erases your memory from their hearts, they will recall all the change you’ve done when the souls collide for the last time because my friend you were a reason of their smiles. You shot down the fear, you came to this world a toddler and you left this world a legend, and God never forgets a reason of a change to the better.



  • The beauty of the Quran is that you can’t change its message, but its message can change you.


Allah has written words that hold an infinite amount of definitions and the definitions are brought to life by the answers you heart seeks to find. If you ever feel lost, if you ever need guidance, just head straight to the 604 words for they are able to kill all the doubts you have been agonized by.  Allah has put all his laws in his 604 pages, they are the order of our world and they are the reason behind our existence. Take very good care of what he has to say, for his words are one of the one million eternities we will forever live in.


For all what its worth, I hope you got the message.

And this is only a very small part of my world, The World of Mahfouz.


2 thoughts on “The Law of Life

  1. This is beautiful msA. I totally agree. Lost of people nowadays lose sight of what really matters and worse lose their faith and iman. Some people don’t see the beauty of Islam and Quran, and it’s just amazing to see there’s still people that truly understand Islam.. This really has inspired me and given me hope. Thanks! May God bless you.

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