Dear Girls And Boys – On Periods In Ramadan

By: Farah Dessouky

Dear girls,

The fact that you happen to not be fasting in Ramadan is not the world’s biggest secret. I know we’ve been shamed for having our periods since forever, but whether we feel ashamed or not is something we get to decide.

When i was discussing this article topic i thought i should be empowering girls to proudly eat in front of everyone and when questioned say that they’re on their periods. Well, if you’re thinking that this is a tad extreme giving that according to religion, if we happen to not be fasting for any reason we should respect others’ feelings.

Although i would like to clarify that when a girl doesn’t tell any male she knows that she isn’t fasting it’s not to protect their feelings it’s actually because she’s embarrassed. And also let’s face it, what feelings??? Period cramps and crazy hormonal shifts are much harder than fasting. But anyway that’s not my point.

Here’s what we’re gonna do for islamic reasons. Not lie. Yes as simple as that. When you have your period maybe you shouldn’t just act like you’re fasting. If someone catches you sneaking that sip of water before the adan don’t be embarrassed. Actually let’s not use the word sneaking because if it gives any impression it is that of a mistake and our periods are not a mistake. They are normal bodily processes that happen to half earth’s population monthly. If anything statistically they’re common to be frowned upon and looked at as rare.

Also, be proud. Biology 101, periods are the source of life. The dude that is grossed out and calling you inappropriate for saying that you’re on your period needs to remember where he came from – a vagina – pun intended. So if anything your monthly period should be reminding you of your power. Your exceptional ability. The fact that you body is literally building itself up naturally.

Dear boys,

You too are victims of society’s fucked up ideas you were brought up to believe. Girls were taught to feel ashamed and you guys were taught to feel disgusted. However that is not an excuse for being a reason behind someone’s discomfort, unease, and awkwardness.

It is not some complicated equation of hard situation, a girl tells you she is on her period maybe you should ask if she’s feeling alright. Get over your ego because simply it’s not about you. Or your feelings towards periods.

Happy Ramadan, and don’t make the lives of girls a living hell this year!

2 thoughts on “Dear Girls And Boys – On Periods In Ramadan

  1. thank you for empowering women to love their bodies and not feel ashamed of who they are

    had my period for the first three day of ramdan i think i about told everyone lmao

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I would have loved to share this beautiful article of yours, but the “F” word just stopped me from doing so.
    Anyway, keep up the good work 👍

    Liked by 1 person

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