Your Ramadan Survival Kit

By: Abdel Rahman Fawzy

When you are not fasting, your body does everything in its power to work with you. When you are fasting, it is you who needs to meet it halfway.

Your body will go through a major process of transformation once the fast starts.

On the one hand, it will go into starvation mode due to shortage of fuel, and will turn inwards to retrieve energy from its own cell reserves (mostly fat cells). This is why most of us tend to lose weight during Ramadan.

On the other hand, the energy that is usually spent on food digestion (as much as 30%) is freed up for other activities. The body grabs this opportunity to do a deep cellular cleanse, but also to do big and small repair jobs that are long overdue.

It is this aspect that makes fasting so effective in restoring health, balance and vitality.

Now, as energy from the cell reserves gets released, toxins stored in them are released as well. These end up in the blood stream and need to be cleared away as fast as possible by the elimination organs or ‘The Mighty 6’ as I like to call them

During this process  you can get irritable, impatient, and plain exhausted. Headache, blurred vision, dizziness, bad breath, sweating and low blood pressure are just a couple of symptoms that you might experience. Do not get alarmed or demoralized. This is perfectly natural and is referred to as a ‘healing crisis‘.

What can you do to make it less dramatic?

  1. Hydrate your body

Make sure that your focus on liquids during Sahoor. Take at least 2l of liquids, as pure water, herbal tea or through vegetables and fruits (whole, juiced or as a smoothie). Watermelon, cucumber and celery  are a good choice.

  1. Breathe

Practice conscious deep and energetic breathing. This will  enhance the cleansing process, as well as alleviate its side-effects

  1. Be mindful

Get quite and try to be mindful of your thoughts, emotions, body sensations. Notice them, but do not judge them. Try to write about them as they appear. Capturing them on paper is in itself is a form of physical release/cleansing.

  1. Sleep

Take many shorter or longer power naps during the day.

Sleep is the most effective restorative mode your body has at its disposal, so make sure that you make the best of it.

  1. Jump start your lymph system

Take a shower in the morning or/and in the afternoon. Make sure that you preform ‘Dry skin brushing‘ before you do.* (see below)

This will help your Mighty 6 move toxins out of your body through the lymph, and make you feel fresher and clearer.

  1. Jump start your energy body

There is a great routine called ‘The Three thumps‘ that makes sure that energy is flowing freely in your meridians (energy channels). 

It would be best if you started implementing these tips even before Ramadan starts, for best results.  Tomorrow, I’ll post more suggestions what you can do to prep yourself even better during this final countdown.

* Dry skin brushing

Use a natural bristled brush or a loofah as a second choice. Avoid synthetic or nylon brushes or gloves as they’re too sharp and can damage the skin. Start with the soles of your feet, use swift upward strokes and brush from the feet, up the legs, working towards your heart. Once you’ve covered your lower body, move to your hands and work up your arms toward your heart in the same manner. Next (using a long handle brush), brush your back. Last, work on your abdomen (moving in a clockwise direction to follow the movement of the colon), chest and neck. It’s best to avoid your face as most people’s facial skin is too sensitive. Brush for about three-to-five minutes until your skin is rosy and slightly tingly. Always shower after you dry brush to wash off the dead skin.


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