Does Dreading Ramadan Make You A Bad Muslim?

By: Farah Dessouky

This is for the people who can’t keep up with everyone’s excitement with Ramadan approaching, and the ones who just basically feel like Ramadan is a month of suffering/hunger. It is okay, don’t make someone guilt you and label you as the “less religious” person because it’s much more than that. Much more than a clear cut label of religious and non-religious, or good and bad.

I may not be educated on every religious matter and may not be the best person to give a response or advice but if there’s one thing I know about God, it’s that for sure he is merciful. So if Ramadan isn’t all happiness and rainbows for you here is why it’s okay.

God is that great power, much more than us, stronger than us, if even comparable, our weaknesses are a product of our humanity. Why does the concept of forgiveness exist? Maybe it’s because we always have a chance or because we can always start over or because our mistakes do not define us. If that wasn’t the case hell would’ve been a result to our first sin.

Anyways, what I mentioned is just how I view religion, as that good, easy, understanding thing. Not the scary uptight idea some people believe in. So next time you remember that tiring feeling of numbness and powerlessness before iftar, you may naturally not like it or necessarily enjoy almost fainting lol, but however just like anything good in life it needs effort or so I tell myself. May this month be the easiest most positive of all…

If  you still desperately need some positivity to survive this Ramadan you can think of your favorite meal, tons of mosalsalat, the family we never see except in Ramadan, the good deeds and charity (friends fans who believe in joey’s theory there are no selfless good deeds catch the reference :p), extended curfews! And if all that doesn’t work, there’s always eid to look forward to!


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