Fuck the School System

By: Serene Siren

How many of us actually come out of school with all the information they learned, even in university, I don’t think we really learn. I think we just temporarily store information and excrete (yes I know why exactly I’m using this word, because what we write down is almost always shit) all the information we supposedly “learned” throughout the semester or the year on an exam paper which after we get back graded – usually with a terrible grade that gets us depressed and feeling useless – we throw the paper away because we don’t give a fuck.

Have you ever been asked by a teacher a question about something you supposedly learned the year before, or the semester before, and you go completely blank, you don’t know the answer. Me personally I’ve never remembered anything after the final exam. The only thing I remember from my courses, from my classes, is the amount of nights I cried myself to sleep, and the days that I was so stressed, so overwhelmed, that I even procrastinated my emotional breakdown because I don’t have the time to break down now and pick myself up because of the amount of paper I have to hand in and the exams I have.


So why do teachers think they can destroy our emotional state with no remorse, because they believe we should hand in a paper on time even though we got everything off of google, paraphrased it, stuck it onto a useless piece of paper and handed it in. The amount of bullshit I put on paper and handed in throughout the years is unimaginable, what’s worse is that our parents waste all their savings into a system that only causes their children emotional harm.

But we can’t completely blame the teachers, it’s the entire system. The system that labels us and divides us according to a grading system that is completely absurd. I feel like we’re walking around with a grading scale and we’re judged on our ability to memorize a couple of shitty sentences that will not help us out in anyway. Yes, even if you’re studying what you like. In university you study what you choose right? Actually no. You don’t, you don’t study what you like, you enter a major and you have requirements that have nothing to do with what you want to study. You take calculus courses when what your studying has nothing to do with limits, and will never have anything to do with what you’re studying. Even in your own major, you have courses that you don’t want, you don’t care about it, and you get a bad grade that fucks up your GPA and then you cant change majors because your own major shit on your GPA making it near impossible to change majors and declare AGAIN.


Back to teachers, some do genuinely care and are lenient and we all love them, but some need to burn in hell. Some only care about their class, and need you to be superman and finish everything before the deadline and work as hard as you can but also sleep well and eat well and maintain proper social relationships and proper relationships with your parents. When then don’t even have the ability to grade a freaking paper on time. I don’t know if they were brainwashed before teaching while some were somewhat resistant, but they were once students, and they should be a bit considerate but NOOO they have to fuck us over more than their teachers fucked them over.


The most efficient time I actually learned something, was when a teacher told me it wasn’t graded, and it was something I was actually interested in, and there was no exam, but when they asked me about it I was able to describe every aspect of it. PLEASE STOP FUCKING WITH MY EMOTIONAL STATE WITH AN IDIOTIC GRADING SCALE! STOP STRESSING ME OUT! STOP MAKING ME CRY BECAUSE I GOT A C! STOP IT!

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