Shower Habits You Need for A Better Life

By: Aicha Korachy

Disclaimer: I have no PhD in Beauty and I have no research on the perfect skin routine, but this is my routine every shower, and well, my skin is pretty okay most of the time. Also, this is more about pampering your pretty little self than a medical routine, so enjoy it boo!

1. Pre-Shower: If you have a mess of curly hair like me, I recommend detangling your hair before you step in the shower. Close the water so you’re not killing any more elephants in Africa and not wasting precious resources, and start detangling your hair. It makes your life easier when you’re out of the shower and protects your hair from breakage! I used to brush my hair in the shower, but that tears and rips away too much hair apparently, even if it made my life easier post-shower.

2. In-Shower: While you’re scrubbing away at your body and setting your conditioner in, you’re leaving around a 10-minute gap in your shower that you can utilize! My favorite face mask takes around 10-minutes before I must wash it off, so once-twice a week (the number of times depends on your product and free time really) I apply my facial mask which stays on my face for the duration of my hair conditioning and body washing. Wash it off first and then clean your hair out of the conditioner, just to make sure you don’t get any face mask bits on your hair.

3. Post-Shower: MOISTURIZE. This tip I’d swear my life by! When you step out of the shower, your skin is all wet and hydrated, but once the water dries up off your skin… well, your skin dries too. So once you step out of the shower, while your skin is still slightly wet, apply a nice smelling moisturizer all over your body before you get dressed. It does feel a bit weird when you step into your clothes, but I swear you won’t regret it. The scent will get locked into your skin and your pores will soak up all the moisturizer.

4. Post-Shower: Brush your hair immediately after stepping out of the shower. When your hair starts drying and you start brushing it, especially with curly hair, you’ll be supplying your hair with endless frizz. Make sure to apply a good hair cream/serum when you step out, I use Elvive Total Repair because my hair is damage af, and brush your hair before checking your phone. I usually let my hair air dry, but you do you really. Also, if you have curly hair comme moi, don’t tie your hair after showering, it’ll just create that ugly dent. Allow it to dry while it’s down and also so you’re not ripping away at it.

Tip: If you brush your hair in the shower, don’t brush it when you step out! This doesn’t work on all hair types (doesn’t on mine), but with hair it’s always trial and error really!

5. In-Shower: If you’re showering with warm or hot water, right before you step out, turn the faucet towards the cold blue. Cold water opens up the skin pores and allows oxygen to pass right in, which will keep your skin healthier. Just run it over you body for a minute, not long I promise!

6. Pre-Shower: What I like to do during the winter is heat up the towel I’m going to dry off with on the heater while I’m preparing my clothes, You walk out of the shower to the warmest hug ever! And you deserve a little pampering 🙂

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