I Want You to See the Real Me

By: Hanna Haitham

i want you to see the real me
not the one buried under adjustments
not the one who second guesses everything
but the one who says what she thinks
the one who lives vicariously
i want you to see everything i am
where i’ve been, where i’m headed
the experiences i’m not ashamed of
i want you to be able to read me
to be able to know who i am
not the bits and pieces i show
i’m not ashamed
i’m not ashamed of these scars, these wounds
they’re just another accessory
just more of me to love
i want to be able to know that when you say you love me
you’re talking about me
not the deluded version i’m showing you
i want to recognize myself
i want to do what i would do not what my alter ego would do
i want to be genuine with everything i say
because i want to
i want to live as me
because it’s not worth it otherwise

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