Don’t Judge What You Cannot See

By: Serene Siren

You haven’t lived a day as me. You haven’t had the emotional trauma I was put through, time and time again. You’ve never been me. So why the hell do you think you can judge me? Why the hell do you think you know what’s best for me and what’s not?

When I say that what I’m doing is what’s best for me at the moment, you have no right, and are not obligated to impose your own opinion, your own beliefs and your own life choices on me. Dating that guy that fucked you over doesn’t mean I have someone toxic in my life and that I intentionally indulge in toxic relationships because of whatever. He fucked you over, doesn’t mean he’s fucking me over now.

No I’m not naïve, and I’m not in love either. I know what’s best for me, and I know how to deal with my own emotions and my decisions. Of course I doubt myself sometimes and of course I screw up a lot of times, but overall its my life, my decisions, and I can deal with that.

I’ve had toxic people in my life, people that aren’t actually in my life and have not significance to my growth, people that tried to control my thoughts, control my actions, and my decisions on major life choices. Those people are the people you should avoid, the distant friend that’s telling you not to change your major because the other major wont be as credible. The person that comes and tells you that the guy you’re talking to is gonna ruin your life when they don’t even know what a single conversation you had was like. People that try to control you, when they have nothing to do with you, cut those out, and don’t bring them back because if they do come back they’ll try to control you again.

So to everyone that tried to control my decisions, IT’S MY EFFING LIFE, so leave me the eff alone. If I screw my own life up that’s okay, but you don’t have a say in it, I am my own person, I make my own decisions.

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