3 Reasons Why The Bro Code = Misogyny

By: Farah Dessouky

Add “some” before every boys if that’s gonna make you chill with the not all men whines, but what I’m talking about exists, if you don’t think that way good for you! 🙂

1- Bros over hoes

Sometimes while boys think it’s great and shows how much of a great bond they have that no ‘hoe’ would come before their ‘bros’ , they actually are degrading their other friends who happen to be girls . Is genitalia really an indicator of a friendship’s strength. Should i as a girl pit my guy friends second just because they’re guys?

2- Sisters are off-limits

If this proves anything it proves how guys are okay with their friends being assholes with girls as long as that these girls don’t ‘belong’ to them. Frankly, they only hate their friends’ shitty attitudes towards girls when it’s personal. The thought of locker room talk and straight objectification and misogyny being directed on their sister is unbearable m, but on any other girl it’s cool.

3- Never date an ex

So here’s the thing, if it’s because of your friend’s feelings you’re going to not date the girl he was with, major respect to you. BUT if it’s because of the unspoken rule of you being msh ragel because you like you friend’s ex, who by the way is a person who gets to have a say on HER relationships. Rather than her ex boyfriend scaring guys off. So yeah thinking women are your property is misogynistic.

Lastly, close bonds between ‘people’ are great but these norms associated with gender are frankly toxic and unnecessary.

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