Soulmates -fact or fiction?

By: Aicha Korachy


I was once asked, “do you believe in soulmates?”


I hesitated.


Of course I do.


Or do I?


Yes I do.


But my definition of soulmates isn’t the usual definition of soulmates.


I don’t believe you get just one soulmate; you get several. Maybe you’re only planned to crossroads with one, and they become your happy ending.


But you could also crossroads with another, and then they could be your happy ending.


Having a soulmate means you have someone that understands you. Someone that knows who you are and you don’t need to explain yourself. They understand. They care. They love and accept you without any additional flavors or stuffing. They take you plainly and on every degree of crazy.


The way I see it? We all have many soulmates, but we decide to choose one.


I’m not saying everyone can be your soulmate, I’m just saying that you could have more than one.


A friend can be a soulmate.

A daughter can be a soulmate.

A boy/girlfriend can be a soulmate.

A mentor can be a soulmate.


You can have all these soulmates, a few or just one; the most important one.


Your soulmate could change because our souls grow and evolve and transfigure. So your ‘soulmate’ at the age of 18 isn’t the same at the age of 30, not because your soul is older, but because your soul has changed.


It doesn’t have to, but I just don’t believe that you get only one shot at finding a connection so deep it shatters the walls of your standards.


Make sure that when do label someone as your soulmate… you know it in your heart.


El Kholasa:


Mated7aksh 3ala nafsak we tefahem nafsak en dah ‘oh my god my soulmate’ just because they have label ‘el boy/girlfriend’. Matfahemsh nafsak en having someone, anyone, is better than being alone, because it’s not. You could be in a relationship and feel so fucking alone it hurts to think of your future with them. When you choose a partner to be your soulmate… configure your soul first.



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