The Unspoken Words of Victims

By: Seif Abouelata

The speech you’re about to hear is directed at a few individuals who expert the art of brainwashing such as Donald Trump, George W Bush, John Martin, Rupert Murdoch, Joseph Goebbels, and James Corbyn, condemning them for their unethical mind manipulations. We hope some day someone has the guts to say these words.



I’d like to begin by introducing myself as you seem to be unaware of my identity. My name is mankind, and I come from all around the world. I’ve been treated as a deaf-mute for as long as I can remember. But today, I’m more than grateful to have the opportunity to speak and be heard, hoping I’ll be put into consideration. Before anything,
I’d like to apologize to your highnesses as the speech you’re about to hear will be covering certain factors that you seem to disregard. I apologize, we won’t be talking about self-interest, nor will I be talking about political agendas, propaganda, censorship, or any hypocrisy you seem to practice on the cost of innocent civilians. Today it’s truth, and truth only

You see, our minds are like a piece of dough. It is very easily shaped but you choose what you shape it into. What you fail to acknowledge though, is that evil sprouts when you start treating humans as objects… I’d like each one of you to take a look around. Each one of you is extremely proficient in the art of manipulating. The brainwashed public has been isolated in an extremely dark cave of deceptions and falsification as you constantly feed on our innocence and plant the seed of mistrust and confusion that ravishes our sense of intuition. How are you so skilled in hiding the truth from us? How are you able to convince the public that what’s wrong is right? How can we hate almost a quarter of the world’s population because of the actions of less than .007% of the most spreading religion worldwide? President Donald Trump, how can you condemn and give shame to the globally despised extremist when you proceed on slaughtering young joyful children in the name of freedom. Media is such a filthy weapon don’t you think? Weapons can destroy houses, but your manipulative media destroys minds, civilizations, and countries. John K Martin and Rupert Murdoch know best. You gentlemen have created an endless hole of mendaciousness, hypocrisy, and dishonesty. The CNN and Fox News are disgustingly biased sources of conflict and confusion. An incomparable strife is developed through your false narratives. How do have the urge to search for a terrorist’s Islamic background in order justify their actions while you use mental disabilities and instabilities as a justification to the actions of white individuals? You’re simply portraying the singularized political agenda. Where is the other half of the picture? You are oppressing the victims and victimizing the oppressors.
Ex President George W Bush, do you remember Iraq? As you attack one of the most powerful Middle Eastern country searching for the non-existent weapons of mass destruction, what was your aim? As you make hundreds of documentaries portraying the veterans as heroes, what was your aim. You’ve convinced us that they are fighting for freedom, where in reality they have left their families in order to kill other people’s families. I applaud you and your team’s extraordinary ability to create an imaginary world filled with lies where the real victims are the slave-drivers. You have successfully sprung a generation that is absent in reasoning. All the techniques and strategies you use to trigger our emotions as we subconsciously allow you to slowly destroy the victims are working pretty well. Joseph Goebbels, you were smart enough to realise the danger of the media on people and you used it to your advantage. You have stated the faith moves mountains, but only knowledge moves you to the right place.Yet when the knowledge is false, where do end up? The media is truly the keyboard where the government can play. Today, I have realized, and I hope everyone else to realize, that we live in a free market world, not a free world. There’s no thing such as democracy. Freedom is non-existent in this modern day. Goebbels, you once said that “Propaganda works best when those who are being manipulated are confident they are acting on their own free will.” This what you are doing gentlemen. I hope you realize the damage you are causing. I hope you realize that your slaughtering young children who could have potentially changed the world. I hope you realize that you’re killing every dream that has once existed is in the hearts of many people. I do understand that you aim to stay superior by breaking down weaker countries, but what you fail to understand is our power is in our unity. There are ways to make this happen, I promise you. Why do we not live in a world with full transparency? Why do we not use the media to spread peace, love, and positivity? Instead of corrupting the minds of the youth as you feed them the daily dose of hypocrisy and deception, invest in developing their minds. Rather than only showing your favored side of the story, grant justice for those who deserve it. Your media can solve the conflicts that you have started. Think of the world. Your self-interest is connected to global interest.

Thank You for Listening

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