Full Aching Soul

By: Hanna Haitham

my family is in pieces
and i’m trying to be whole
everybody’s either gone or leaving
and i’m staying strong
i struggle to keep my control
with a full aching soul

i fell in love with someone
and he’s left me too many times
my heart’s pieces are undone
because i’ve ached too many times
and i’m still a half of a whole
with a full aching soul

my grades are spiraling downhill
i don’t know what day it is anymore
lost count
of bottles and pills
can’t tell apart the sky from the floor
i question if i’ve gone delusional
with a full aching soul

i don’t know what to do
my pride is bruised and i am pained
this life has beat me black and blue
and i’m skirting the line onto insane
dear life, do you know what you stole?
from this full aching soul

staring down the barrel of the gun
my heart and mind out of control
because it’s all games and fun
until you bruise this full aching soul

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