Love’s Different Fallouts

By: Aicha Korachy

We often confuse the love we think we deserve and the love we receive with the love we deserve.

When you’re insecure and scared and believe you’re flawed, you often settle for the love you have. Even when you deserve so much more.

When you’re overly confident and proud and sure of yourself, you sometimes give your significant other the love you think they deserve… because after all who are they in comparison to yourself?

When you’re too high on the love, you sometimes disregard that your significant other deserves more… even when you’re giving your most, you sometimes disregard that your someone is miserable.

When you’re too sure of your partner, you often take them for granted. You forget calls and arrive late and slip up, knowing that your partner will suck it up and move on… but then you forget to give them enough and once they’re done; it’s done.

When you’re fast and unthinking, you sometimes overlook details of your s/o… details that later on make you suffocated and want out. But how could you? S/he is already too attached.

When you’re too slow and too calculating you often portray a degree of disinterest… you care too much that you condense your love into something that is too little to give your s/o the reassurance they need and deserve.

When you receive someone’s utmost love and attention, you often settle for it even when you’re miserable. You lead the other person on relentlessly, thinking that it’s alright if you feel unfulfilled because this is his/her most… but that’s when one day you’ll be caught cheating and it hurts like a bitch when they realize that their most was not enough after all this time.

When you receive a “different form of love”, a tougher, meaner and painful form of it, you are not expected to tolerate it or deal with it… you can escape it and it’s alright. You don’t need to suffer emotional or physical abuse because you were told that this is a way of expressing love, because no one deserves that.

The constant battle between the love we deserve and the love we receive is a never ending one. But you must know that it’s alright to go after what you want and not what you’re receiving. It’s okay to feel unfulfilled, is it unfortunate for your s/o that gives you their all? Yes. But you leading them on while looking around and about at other girls/boys is not okay. I’m not an expert and I’m not so experienced, but I’ve seen people over and over again settle for empty relationships and incomplete love that it breaks my heart when I see people broken because of it.

Love is a game and with each milestone, the difficulty gets harder and the tasks get larger, so when you both have equal drive and love… it pushes you through.

But keep the love alive because last thing you need is to wake up one day alone and heartbroken wondering: Where’s the love?

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