Mistakes of a Wreckage

By: Zainh Alfi

She’s learning, but how many times is she suppose to learn?
How many times are we meant to make mistakes in order to grow and grasp on what we did wrong?
Shes making the Same mistakes, but in different situations.
So, Is she learning at all?
Is she understanding the power of what she says and how she acts?
You dont get many chances in this life to shape who you are and she understood that, but sometimes the idea of it slips her brain and she does the mistake over and over and over again while using the excuse of
‘Im learning’
She believes in the phrase “actions speak louder than words”
She’s changed all actions that could make her into anything negative.
She hurt and felt pain enough to make her change into a completely different person. Action wise.
But Lately her words have been the let down.
Her words are what are making everything go to ruin because she says things she doesn’t mean and it ends up seeming as the foundation of who she is.
So do words speak louder than actions?
People will base who you are based on the things you say.
‘Joking’ isn’t processed to someone who doesn’t know you as ‘joking’
We live in a world were we need to analyze all situations we are put it and think more than once about how we react.
Freedom is a subjective word, you could have freedom in your life but i believe that we will never be free.

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