10 Things Girls Hate About Guys

By: Lana Hazem

I’ve been talking about girls for as long as I can remember, now I think it’s time I address some stupid crap guys do, so get ready to face your worst nightmare -me- 3ashan ana shayla men el welad men henna le bokra fa it’s time to get it all off my chest hatta if that means getting you to kinda hate me -sorry not sorry :).


1. Late replies

I don’t know what you guys love about late replies bas it’s so not cool. La w lama the girl decides to reply late, her phone explodes with texts from you aw w  hen she decides to reply betrouh ayelaha “La gaw el rad el met2akhar w enek tet2ali w keda mabyemshish ma3aya” ah sah so you can do whatever the hell you want bas ehna la -oh I’m just getting started.

2. Extreme Mood Swings

Agree or disagree, 99% of the boys you know get mood swings worse than a girl on her period -I’m not overreacting- one minute bey2olek how much he misses you aw he’s just treating you good in general w hopa fag2a tela2ih met3assab 3aleki aw lawi boozo, w the fact that you did absolutely nothing to piss him off is pissing you off. Fa you ask what’s wrong ye2oul mafysh and yet again when you do the same thing yeegy ye2olek ‘La ba2olek eh msh hat7ayel 3aleki 3alashan te2oleli malek” -I quit begd.

3. Lying

If there’s something I hate more than artichoke’s -which I absolutely despise– it’s lying, I don’t get why you lie begd, ya3ni if you claim en “I didn’t want to hurt you” well you’re full of sh*t because finding out el moseeba menak would be a million times better than finding it out men 7ad tany at least you’d be respected enak geit w e3taraft and you were mature enough to own up to your idiotic mistakes bas what can I say? Deil el kalb 3omro ma yet3edel.

4. Cockiness

3arfein baa lama wahed yekoun wasek f nafsso aw wait let me rephrase- wakhed khamseen 2alam f nafsso w faker en mafish meno 2 w eno gamed w asya3 khal2 ellah? Well thats very unattractive, w yasalam baa law tenek kaman w beyetkalem b araf te7essi enek 3ayza termy 3aleh kartonet beid because they go so well together.

5. Controlling Behaviour

I get that sometimes feeling that a guy is kind of protective over you is cute, bas lama tewssal le daraget eno y-control what you do everyday or who you talk to and don’t talk to yeb2a la sorry, he’s not you’re dad w begd khalas el mawdou3 dah edem awii -moving on..

6. Mixed Signals

Most of the boys I deal with are freaking pros at giving mixed signals, either they do it with me or they come for advice about why its not working out with another girl and you wanna know what the answer is? MIXED SIGNALS. Afahemko bass, lama a guy gives mixed signals dah el howa yeb2a shewya beyheb feeki w beygheer then the a second later he’s flirting with another girl or anyal, mesaheb wahda tanya. I really don’t get law beykouno azdeen ye3melo keda wala heya a trait mawgouda feehom.

7. Gossip

I don’t know if this will be surprising, bas I recently discovered that guys love to gossip -not all of them but some ya3ni. Anyway, you have a thing with someone okay? Fag2a tela2i all his “homies” 3arfeen kol haga la w in details kaman, I’m not gonna sweat this point awi la2en we all know en us girls bene3mel anyal men keda w bo2enna dah msh beyet2efell.

8. When he doesn’t think with his brain but with his…

Okay, we all have met at least one guy who only talks about girls and what he’s done with them and how much of a “3anteel” he is, I might be wrong bas i’ve met a lot of those. El mohem baa dah fe3lan mabye3melsh ay haga f hayato gher enno yesaheb w yefarkesh then yetkalem 3an el bent dy, yet here’s another difference between el man wel ragel -that’s an article go read it.

9. Beyseff 3aleki kteer

Teb2i betkalemih f haga mohema w yo3od yeseff 3aleki, w wento khargeen bardo mabye3melsh haga gher eno yetarya2 3aleki w yekhali shaklek wehesh odam el nas w his excuse -I wanted to make them laugh. Well, if you still go by the saying if he annoys you then he likes you yeb2a you’re good, bas personally I hate that.

10. Jealousy – bi avwara

My bestfriend was dating a guy who gets jealous meni. If you have the same issue, RUN.

A little jealousy is good and healthy for a relationship, bas too much means that he doesn’t trust you aw he just doesn’t trust ay 7ad in general.


I hope you got a kick out of this like I did ranting about guys since that’s what I’m best at doing w delwaty kol el welad hatekrahni w I’ll have no chance for anything kal 3ada.

Lilo out, xxxx



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