Path to Self Destruction

By: Zainh Alfi

As the cigarette burned
I thought about how I was burning with it
How It was impossible to bring it back to its original form once it was lit
How its possible to bring me back to my original form once you left
A cigarettes purpose is simple.
To be smoked
My purpose however wasnt simple
Once i started burning i didnt have an end point
I couldn’t just ash myself like i ashed the cigarette
I couldnt end my burning by putting me out
I had to adapt.
I had to watch myself burn till my skin went cold and everything went blank
I didn’t feel pain
The burns on my skin only made me feel numb
The burns in my chest that you caused made me immune to hurting
The flames in my lungs I created from a simple puff
Only reminded me of how when you were there I could feel myself burning in flames
I thought that you could end it
I thought that I could regain myself through you
I didnt realize that you were what was causing the smoke
I didnt realize that you were just like the cigarette I pressed against my lips
A trail to self destruction and a way to corruption

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