Leilet Ras El Prom

By: Lana Hazem

Since it’s prom season, it’s only fair eny a-address the topic.

Fag2a keda kolo baa ye3mel proms, ma3 eno it’s not a tradition f masr khales Bas aho atleast benatakadam f haga.

Getting ready for a prom is catastrophic and since I was an organizer in mine, ana kreht haga essmaha prom.

1- The dress

Being a girl, you have to find the perfect dress, ayan kan baa tefasaleeh -Bas you have to take care Momken yetla3 galabeya fel akher- aw you can just pay thousands of pounds w tgeebi wahed -that’s what I did. Bas the hassle of finding a dress w enek tekteshfy enek shabah el batatsaya w wala haga lay2a 3aleki, deh haga sa3ba.

2- Heels

Allah baa la2eina el fostan, now we go hunt for some kick ass shoes that go with it -w you’re positive enek hatelbessi the heels for exactly 10 minutes then ditch them for your beloved sneakers- yes, we all did that.

3- Agreeing on a venue

The first step to a prom is agreeing on a hotel to host it in. Lel Asaf nos madares masr kol el dof3at beyekraho ba3d w no one agrees ma3 anyone w kolo tale3 b ra2yy w when you vote bardo el kalam mabye3gebhomsh. Bas at the end ba3d darb w shatayem, you get a venue.

4- The date

If you’re dating someone yeb2a rabena beyhebek, Bass if not, you’re on a hunt for a guy that would be willing to take you to your prom. Aw you’ll end up going with one of your girls -which is what o did w Rayaht demaghy.

5- The actual “date”

Yalahwy baa 3ala the actual day you’re gonna do the prom. Shewya ye2oulo July w shewya ye2oulo March w nas mesafra w nas 3andaha emtehanat w khena2 baa w bardo voting msh haygeeb haga gher waga3 el demagh. Bas you got a date -I’ll tell you a fun story fel akher.

6- The “stuff”

Whether you’re sneaking it in water bottles or getting one of your friends that’s over 21 to do it for you, kolena 3arfeen en prom=getting wasted.

W I’m 100% sure en mahadesh beyrouh el prom 3alashan el prom, homa beyrouho 3alashan el after-prom.

7- Sadmet el dof3a

Tab3an because mahadesh men el dof3a know the real you, kolo beyetsedem feeki when you start dancing with your friends w if you drink aw smoke masalan, sabah el kalam baa el beyet2al Bas besaraha you’re not gonna see any of those high school friends Ella if you actually have friends at school -most probably hatetla3y b maximum 3 wala haga-

The fun story baa;

My prom was on the 5th of March -elmafroud- because we’re lucky et2agel w baa on the 6th of March, to be honest, youm 5 when the bomb was dropped en there was no prom ana kont hahawel had. Bas the fact en we got another free night and another night of “partying” was pretty epic. Fa besaraha you can’t top that

Proms are overrated but they are fun, Bas the hype over them is too much in my opinion but I get en it’s you’re goodbye to being a high schooler and in the end it’s  worth all the crap you went through fel awel.


Lilo our xxx

One thought on “Leilet Ras El Prom

  1. Actually the “stuff” part is not that true, w relying on the fact enena 3mlna el prom bta3na in the same hotel as yours (Dusit), you know they were strict about weed and smoking.
    the drinks baa mashy it was somehow easy to drink there bss mesh 7aga 7lwaa aw rewshaa enek t3mleeha. w mesh koll el nas ray7a to drink, as for myself ( a guy ) I was aiming for the fun ( photos, dancing, date and so..)
    w btw the rest of the topic was so true and accurate.


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