Here’s Why Your Body is Pissed at You

By: Serene Siren

When was the last time you ate something really good for your body? (notice I said body not taste buds!) When was the last time you worked out? When was the last time you had 8 hours of proper sleep? Well the last time I ate something completely natural was a couple of hours ago. The last time I had a full 8 hours of sleep was last night, and the last time I worked out was today! So how about you? Do you need three Redbull’s and a double shot espresso to not pass out in class today? Well I’m here to warn you that YOUR BODY IS PISSED!

Believe me, when your body is pissed, no one wins that fight. I used to please my mind and my tongue rather than my body. I am ADDICTED to chips. Not joking, like it is an actual issue that caused household problems. But I got my life back on track and I’m pampering my body as much as I can. When you someone says to pamper your body we usually think about manicures, scrubs, baths, and yeah all those things are important, but what’s more important is what you put IN your body not ON your body. Eating healthy isn’t all about weight you know. I personally don’t give a f whether you’re 50 kg or 100 kg, what I care about is ARE YOU HEALTHY? Or do you live on chips and soda?

I have a couple tips that I might help you get on good terms with your body.

  1. Eat healthy! Of course you’ll think of eating healthy as eating food that’s basically tasteless or low calorie foods, But NO! eating healthy means eating something that’s not processed. I personally make myself pancakes and waffles that are super yummy and are very healthy, and throughout the day when I’m hungry instead of eating a bag of chips I munch on fruits and veggies.


  1. Move your ass! Whether its cross fit or just walking half an hour a day or taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Your body needs movement, it’s a basic indication of life. So find an alternative to catching a ride to something that’s 5 minutes away take a walk instead, make sure you so any form of exercise or movement.


  1. Z…Z…Z… Sleep, many of us underestimate the power of sleep, we might be overwhelmed with work that we pull an all-nighter everyday. I totally get pulling an all-nighter but definitely not everyday. Make sure you get a minimum of 8 hours of sleep a day, if you really can’t then aim for 6, but nothing less than 6 hours of sleep per day. Definitely don’t stay up till 3 am everyday and wake up at 6 throughout the week then sleep 16 hours straight on the weekend because you’re so tired. If you don’t sleep well – especially on exam nights – I promise you, your performance will be a lot worse than what you’re capable of, even if you didn’t study anything fit in whatever you can but still get 8 hours of sleep, because if you don’t, your brain will give out during the exam and things you know you won’t be able to comprehend, so you’re only screwing yourself. And believe me your body will take its revenge, whether its breakouts or mind blocks, it will always try and take back what you deprived it of, and could you blame it?

These are the three main things to focus on to get on good terms with your body. Don’t expect it to be easy, take it step by step, maybe an apple instead of a bag of chips today, and an extra hour of sleep tomorrow, then go try a dancing class the day after. Take it slow, and eventually you’ll find your productivity increasing and your mood will be so much better.

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