I’ll Wait For You Till You Heal

By: Zainh Alfi

I can see through you
I can see through all the mischief and doubts
I can see through the blank canvas you lay on your face
You told me that you don’t wear your heart on your sleeve and I kept thinking of reasons why
I told myself that your heart was in your hands
You had too many tattoos on your sleeve to carry your heart there, and that was the reason.
That was my reason.
I can see through you
I can see through the alcohol abuse and all your sleepless nights
Why can’t you just admit it?
Admit you’re not okay. It’s okay to feel weak and I wish you understood that.
I wish you would stop covering your pain with tattoos
I wish you could for once talk things out instead of drinking till you pass out
I wish you could get high on life instead of poisoning yourself everyday to achieve a level not meant to be achieved.
I wish you could look me in the eyes and understand that my care doesn’t come from a place of sympathy, it comes from empathy.
I love you and all your flaws, and that will never change.
I’ll be here, I’ll wait.
I’ll wait for as long as it takes
till your sleepless nights become obsolete and your heart is yet to explore your sleeve.

Sadness is something we all try to ignore so that we don’t feel heavy. We associate being hurt with weakness and the lack of emotions with toughness. This piece was written to show you that sadness is a human emotion which we need to feel in order to feel everything else. No real pleasure is achieved without hardship and tears. There are no reasons to hide our pain and there are no reasons to take drugs and drink thinking that – in a way – those substances are fixing you. You will only be ‘fixed’ once you admit to yourself the extent of which you are broken. Once we come to the realization of our problem(s), that’s when we can accept them and start to heal. 

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