Should We Question God?

By: Zeinah Hesham

Disclaimer: this article is not meant to plant seeds of doubt in your mind about your own religion – to each their own faith, rather it is opening your eyes to the idea of skepticism, because when skepticism is done right, it reenforces specific ideas if your initial idea is found to be true, and post a lot of research yes, a power (God) exists – quantum physics y’all. It is just a detached exploration of an area of systems of belief (look that term up in a sociology or anthropology text) – You are not meant to fear God. Period. That’s what this is all about.

Religious Soul or Brainwashed Mind?

Imagine that such a thing as a religion never existed, that there was no hell or heaven and no purpose for praying or fasting and your relationship with Fod was just private and had nothing to do with ‘the ultimate goal’.

As I’ve seen , the goal in life for most people that I’ve met who believe and trust in God is to eventually go to heaven after death. The whole purpose of you getting up daily is to pray and fast as much as you possibly good , mention god’s name as much as you could and stay away from any evil deeds which links back to all the forbidden sins for human beings.

The goal is to pray and pray and pray until your brain can only remember the words of prayer so that post your departure from the world – the good words of God are the only things that you seem to remember from your previous life, makes sense?

It completely does.

But here’s a question for you: how about the days before your departure?

How about your days on Earth? Are you only going to have sentences associated with God engraved in your mind? Are you only going to do good deeds for the sake of hoping to get to heaven someday?

Have you ever actually done a selfless act because you simply want to?

The question here is – why exactly are you doing these things? Do you actually know what the purpose is? Are you doing good deeds from the goodness of your heart or simply because of ‘El Quraan says so’ or ‘Rabenna harram keda’ or maybe ‘Howa el mafrood te3mel keda’.

I honestly do not recall talking to more than one person that has ever sat down and thought about everything that God said and questioned it – possibly wondered about everything and analyzed them. It saddens me but I think that I know the answer.

Especially in our society and culture , people do not do anything out of the goodness of their hearts but most of their acts are done out of fear. In fact most religious people and teachers raise fear in you so that you’d better things in order to avoid hell.

I remember one time how my school teacher said ‘Da hatla2y nas el orayebba min rabenna awy ya3ny betkoon bet3ayatt w heya bete2ra Quaraan min kotr ma heya khayfa. Bas da beyehssal lel nas el mo2mena awy bas.’

So in order for me to qualify as a good and religious person I need to be shaken by fear – daily. I don’t actually have to want to do good things to make the world a better place and filled with peace and happiness but it’s all about me and where I will be after I die ; Hell or Heaven.

There is so much violence in all religions. God mentions how He is fair and loving and forgiving yet God is also vengeful and quite angry. Apparently God has already planned that you will be going to hell if you’re ‘different’ even though you had nothing to do with it but that’s completely fine as long as you don’t act upon it.

You can be whatever you want to be as long as you don’t question God, religion or the government. You’ll live and have a good life if you go on that path that everyone has set for you.

We already live in a sexist, racist , degrading world so obviously the right ideology to follow is to stop thinking and focus on your school and religion.

Have you prayed today?

Have you prayed any day?

Don’t forget again because otherwise you’ll have a spot in hell.

Fortunately for me, that’s not the God I believe in.

The God I believe in is a power that created this universe full of mysteries. Your purpose is to find happiness and peace and maybe even try to change the world. The right way to live is to treat everyone equally and to know that you can do whatever you want as long as there’s no harm done to anyone else. You can love whomever you want because that’s the strongest emotion and if you think otherwise – if you are blind even with that beautiful mind of yours that god has blessed you with – I’m so sorry to tell you that you’ve been living in the wrong world.


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