Taymour Is Not My Prince Charming

By: Aicha Korachy

Okay, so we’ve all been there and we’ve all fallen in the trap of the tough macho Taymour in Taymour w Shafika.. but in all honesty I’d never live long enough to allow myself to be with someone like Taymour.

First off, what’s with the no swimsuits w/o him being around? He’s not her father and they weren’t even romantically official by that point so don’t make me vomit over your control issues 30 mins into the movie :).

What’s with the no working after marriage shit? Honey have you seen this mind put to work? Shafika shouldn’t stay at home just because his manhood is threatened by her position or her large income. She deserved this position, worked for it, and she wasn’t born to slave away as his wife and kid’s mother… she wasn’t born to await his arrival every evening and if a guy ever expects this from you, unless you want to, tell him boi bye :).

Sure he was a cutie with being all flirty and cheesy with her when they’d fight… but sweet talk does not suffice for an apology. If your ego is too big to apologize to your significant other then babe, we’ve got a problem and leaving you can easily solve it :).

Refusing to allow her to enjoy her time with her friends over the weekend. What? Why? Once again you’re not her father, you don’t need to accompany her every step of her existing and you shouldn’t expect her to remain locked up in her room while you’re working during her vacation. Ever heard of trust? Freedom? Wanting happiness for your partner :)?

Moving on to the “No interactions with other boys” rule. I literally face palmed myself so many times while seeing this rule applies by Taymour over and over again on Shafika. Relationships are built on trust, and no it’s not some mythical, magical miracle, it exists and it starts by trusting that your partner can have interactions and friendships with the opposite sex without sexual feelings being involved. So no Taymour, she wasn’t ogling Ramez, he was ogling her and you shouldn’t take that out on her. And no Taymour, her assistant wasn’t being flirty… he was being nice to his new boss and welcoming her; unlike you :).

Initiating the metkhasmeen/metsal7eem phases should not be based on 7adret see el sayed’s mind. If we’ll make up, we make up through an apology and a thorough talk about the issue. You don’t control when you want to be on good terms just because they love you and are always willing to talk to you. If you’re on bad terms, you sure as hell need to specify why and it must be with a good reason. Nothing pisses me off more than a guys who is emotionally controlling, so thank you Taymour for your soldier doll that you presented Shafika with as a gift after long periods of not talking, but you need an explanation as to what the hell was up with the both of you for the past few months. Relationships often lack communication and if s/he won’t talk about why s/he’s mad at you but then is suddenly mesal7ek then neither of you will ever learn your mistakes and how to solve them :).

Anger mother effing issues.. it might be just me, but I have anger control issues too, so nothing drives me crazier than a man with anger issues. Shoot. Me. It’s not that I’m a hypocrite that expects him to control himself, but I’m just saying that I don’t have the patience to deal with childish angry moments, full on blow outs or bellowing up and close in my face… I’ll blow right up in yours :).

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