Types of Ex Friends

By: Zeinah Hesham

Experts have said that throughout all those years that you spend making and building friendships, you tend to keep only seven friends in your adulthood. Along with the fact that you actually lose 50% of your friends every six to seven years. It’s no brainer that in those years you lose a lot of friends, some you regret leaving and some you seem to be completely fine without. So here’s a small list of some friends that you have lost (or maybe should lose) throughout your life.


1) “The Long Game” :

This is the hardest goodbye in your life. This friend has been with you through so much and it feels as if they know you better than you know yourself. They were there through your first relationship, your breakdowns and your best memories. Sometimes it’s because you drifted apart but sometimes it’s also because people simply grow up and change but you’ll always have each other’s backs, no matter what. The sad truth is that sometimes friendships aren’t forever and TV doesn’t always show you the hard parts in relationships. Sometimes all you gotta do is take a risk, the thing that scares you the most is what will help you grow.


2) “The See-Through” :

You knew that this friendship wasn’t gonna last forever. Somehow you always found yourself in second place, after them. This person only cared about themselves, their family, their partner, their life. As soon as you got to talking , you realized that besides talking about their problems , the next thing that you could’ve talked about is how the weather has changed in the past week.


3) “The Sacrificial Lamb” :

By far this one has hurt you the most. This friend seemed so perfect up until their boyfriend/girlfriend showed up. You had the best friendship that you could ever think of and suddenly everything seemed to be uncomfortable due to their relationship. At some point, you couldn’t hang out with them for one minute without their own love drama coming into the picture. Then one day they simply let you go because of their relationship and that hurt more than anything in the world.


4) “The Dry Ice” :

This person is someone that you were completely over the moon to be friends with, yet they never shared the same feeling. They’re the most fun person to be around and they could’ve even introduced you to your current best friend but whenever you need them they vanish and whenever you’re put in a bad situation , they are the ones pointing and laughing at you. You were caught up in being friends with the coolest and possibly most popular person that you know but it’s obvious that they’re not the forever type of person.

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