With This Heart I Loved You

By: Hanna Haitham

with this heart i loved you
while you failed to love me
so i sprouted wings and flew
away from you toxicity

with this heart i healed you
while you tore at me piece by piece
your lies were ones i couldn’t see through
now i struggle to find release

with this heart i held you
you cries shot straight through my heart
i gave you pieces of me to heal
but you were never mine from the start

with this heart i waited for you
i wanted you to try to see
that my love is unconditional and true
but you scurried away from me

with this heart i cried for you
my tears forming cuts in my heart
and each cut bleeds for you
forming a disastrous work of art
i used to think we were written in the stars
but now that my eyes are dry i see
the only trace of you is in my scars
the ones you cut when you left me

Moral: despite all of that, you should forgive – no don’t forget – but forgive yourself and forgive him/her. If you hold this in your heart, if you bottle up and remain bitter, if you keep seeking vengeance and revenge – you will never find happiness nor will you ever heal.

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