12 Times Egy Funny Society Killed Us

By: Farah Dessouky and Fadila

We are not against jokes, at all actually, we make jokes all the time and this site is proof enough – however, if your jokes are offensive or offend a targeted group of people – the it really can’t be called a joke anymore can it? “Jokes” like that are 100% unneeded. We’re both feminists that is true, but that does not mean that we can’t take or make a joke – it’s just that those following 18 posts aren’t really jokes. Read at your own risk.

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1- According to ignorant stereotypes set up by misogynists – being a strong independent woman is the equivalent of being needy, clingy, and begging for attention. “I’m a feminist” is now a disguise for “I’m an attention slut”. These are EXTREMELY healthy thoughts to be promoted. Yes. I totally am not a humorous person. Why can’t I laugh at offensive jokes?

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2- Body Shaming? Seriously? Setting an “ideal” example of what women should strive to look like increases fucking serious eating disorders and causes distorted body images that countless girls world wide suffer from – especially if you’re insisting that they can’t achieve this “ideal” image – which really shouldn’t exist in the first place. I know obviously people not being able to make that kind of jokes is WAY more serious, but estahmelo lol.

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3- Sah geddan el mawdoo3 da 3ala fekra – da 3ala asas en “el Dakar” aw “el ragel” doesn’t fucking order his girlfriend or wife around like she’s his property? “dayya2 awy”, “law kallemty ragel gheiry hafshakhek”, “law nezelty el share3 kda enty tale2”, etc. Ahla abuse da walla eh? Anyway, we’re just saying – neither is justified, a relationship has to be built first and foremost on trust – girls AND guys have to tone this bullshit down asap.

Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at 8.59.26 PM.png

4- Is it just me or can you hear the sarcasm too? Such an amazing healthy post begad totally made me feel super good about myself – there’s nothing wrong with being fat, there’s nothing wrong with being skinny, and there’s nothing wrong with being fit. Can we stop shaming fat girls just so we can feel better about ourselves? Beauty is a construct anyway – erhamoona baa.

Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at 9.00.01 PM.png

5- We need to stop asking girls to be these delicate pretty flowers. We are human beings who don’t have to act like cute little things just so you can feel like a “ragel” and get drunk on having (or abusing really) your power over “your girl”.  Also I’m in no way shaming girls who are in fact delicate, am I against that delicacy being the norm though? Yes.

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6- Vulgar, objectifying, and disgusting language usage? Check.  We really can make jokes without turning women (who are human beings by the way) into objects that exist for your pleasure. We are so sorry for interrupting your privileged male time, please go on.

Side Note: I probably used that sentence before and will again probably use it and turn it into a common phrase FYI.

Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at 9.01.23 PM.png

7- Wana baa msh ba7termak khales. Tell me again why a girl’s attire defines her? Do I have to dress a certain way to be respected? My body, my choices, my taste, my life, my consequences – not a single “you” in those words is there? Instead of giving your unwanted opinion please look at your own life, assess it, and work on yourself – bgd level el fada w el faragh w el shaming haymawwetny badry – by the way, this goes to guys too, wear whatever the hell you want bgd. 

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8- Always blaming the females for your shitty relationship choices wow, genius.

Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at 9.03.39 PM.png

9- Shitty misogyny. The miserable husband who’s too cool to admit he likes his wife or too scared to admit he doesn’t want to live with her should stop saying “ghawyeen zan” and “waga3 demagh” and “nekadeyeen”. Get a fucking divorce or shut the hell up.

Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at 9.04.16 PM.png10- Meen aal en el bent bi akhla2ha? El bent bi gesmaha w sha3raha w ghaba2ha 😀

God so fucking hypocritical, so are all girls gold diggers and all guys ruled by their hormones? Is that it? Stop making your “jokes” misogynistic, it’s not funny, it’s not ok, it is insanely offensive. We’re not justifying one or the other, rather, making it clear that we need bloody equality and an end to sexism and double standards 3shan kda keteer..awy.

Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at 9.05.19 PM.png11- Bosso law hanmasheeha stereotypes yeb2a kda 7a2 el set ennaha tekhoon el ragel 3shan kersho beyeb2a 10 meter oddamo ba3d el gawaz. Eh baa? Law msh hate2balooha 3al ragel yeb2a mate2balohash 3al set – nothing wrong with a guy who has a kersh and nothing wrong with a  physically exhausted mom or wife, wahed beyfesh ghello w ta3abo fel akl w el tanya ta3bana tool el nahar ma3 el 3eyal w el madrasa w el shoghl w el tandeef. THAT’S ALSO JUST THE STEREOTYPE WE GIVE MARRIAGE. Ehna galna el daght 3ala fekra men el article di.

Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at 9.06.27 PM.png12- La ya habeeby esmallah 3aleik wa2t match el ahly w el zamalek – malaaaaaakkkk mashallah, law 3amaltelak el living ganna bardo msh hatehda. Kefaya baa wennaby, mercy.

In conclusion – 3shan negeeb mel akher fi gomla w nekhlas. Law msh hate2balooha 3al ragel yeb2a mate2balohash 3al set and vice versa, w salamo 3aleiko.

Side Note: We hold no disrespect for egyfunnysociety or its founder, we’re just pointing out things that we think are not ok – again, da personal opinion.




3 thoughts on “12 Times Egy Funny Society Killed Us

  1. I think your attitude here is why feminism has become a somewhat disliked ideology by men and some women. You could’ve easily made your points and supported them without employing this aggressive tone. The reader understands you’re upset, there’s no need to remind them every time you’re commenting on a post. This agrressiveness is a common element in most of your articles that are in relation with feminism.
    I’m not against feminism nor am I against gender equality, as a matter of fact I encourage equality, my only request is try to make feminism have a better image through your articles, rather than cementing the idea of feminism being aggressive and not a subject of discussion. I truly believe in the change you’re able to make, please use that power wisely so the next the generation of both women and men have the right idea and not the wrong one.


  2. I think you misunderstood a joke here
    The one the ba7termek 3shan btlbsy he wasn’t telling her what to wear or what not to wear he wasn’t slut-shaming bas he meant it as a sexual joke el hwa the first person said he respected the woman 3shan mo7agaba fa hwa by2olaha he respects her 3shan labsa fa he wants to see her naked which actually made me laugh tbh I don’t think he thought for a second that he wanted to control how she dresses herself


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