If Sitcom “Friends” Was an Egyptian Production

By: Zeinah Hesham

As we all know , there have been many American shows that have been turned into the arab community and altered in a way that would be suitable for our special humor. A perfect example for that is SNL and due to its cancellation here’s an article dedicated to what the characters in the show ‘Friends’ would be like if they were Egyptian.

1) “Ross Geller”

Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at 7.48.53 PM.png

We all know a Ross, typically almost all girls have friend-zoned a Ross. Ross howa el walad el etfashakh min gomlet ‘I wish there more guys like you’ . Ross da habib mama – mama dayman betigy bel kahk w el molokheyya kol two months w tela2ihom beyrooho an annual trip ma3 ba3d le sharm , no wonder enno single. W let’s not forget about Carol. Carol was his first long term girlfriend w ba3d lamma la2et wahed mozz (no offense Ross) akhadet hodomha w herbet 3ala Italy 3ala tool , afterall they did meet when they were 17 and she does wanna live her life.

2) “Rachel Green”

Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at 7.49.29 PM.png

A7eih 3ala Rachel w el gabo Rachel. Rachel is probably aktar wahda dramatic w mostafezza fel a3da kollaha. She’s a spoiled brat tbh. Dayman tela2iha betes2al her parents for money w 3omraha ma 3amalat haga hayatha kollaha. She’s probably bardo betheb 3ala roha zay el akh Ross bas el fekra en heya begad she leads everyone on hatta law she has no feelings for them w kol mashakelha betkoon ‘does he like me’ w ‘does my butt look good?’. She lives for attention and the phrase ‘khalina sohab ahssan’. Bardo hayatha kollaha tehisiha 3aleha el music beta3et el soap opera for no reason whatsoever. Rachel min el akher is the definition of basic.

3) “Monica Geller”

Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at 7.50.26 PM.png

Ta2riban mafish had msh beyheb monica hatta law heya begad magnoona. Monica dih hatla2iha aktar wahda etghayarett fe the jump min middle school le high school w fag2a keda ba2et ‘Queen B’. Heya tab3an the mom of the group bas she still happens to be extremely reckless. Monica aktar wahda 3andah stories tehess en heya 3aysha ba2alha 80 sanna. Betebdenn tab3an lamma beykoon fih ay argument 3ala ay group 3ashan heya fakra nafsaha 3arfa kol haga w heya ahssan wahda fel 3alam bas you love her anyways 3ashan mafish gheir monica wahda.

4) “Chandler Bing”

Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at 7.51.09 PM.png

Just like Monica, Chandler bardo mate2darsh tekraho. Chandler has this loser persona bas begad aktar wahed momken yemawetak dehk fe ay wa2t. Yo3tabar en howa fashel fe kol haga ta2riban ella being the best friend you could ever ask for. Hayato begad sa3ba tetfehemm, min abooh el etgawez beta3 9 times le his mom el kararet teftah burlesque fe sokhna bas he’s always got your back and you definitely have to go an extra mile to make him understand the term ‘feelings’ w he’s the dumb friend that you always have to help in relationships bas begad chandler da ahla haga fe hayatak.

5) “Phoebe Buffay”

Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at 7.51.41 PM.png

Phoebe aktar wahda 3ashet hayatha. Ahlaha taradooha men el beit lamma 3erfo en she’s bicurious w min sa3atha w heya msh betsaheb gheir banat. Her family ta2riban kollohom mato fel harb in Syria w heya kanet already gatt 3ala masr. Phoebe is definitely the life of the party – music , drinks , weed , drugs aw hatta apple juice bas hatla2iha daysa. She has an adventure every single day w hatla2iha min el nas el ba2et gluten free w animal cruelty free items w beteshrab ginger kol yom ma3 her French toast ta2riban. Phoebe probably aktar wahda zakeyya fel  a3da if you actually bother to take a look w ya bakhtak law she’s your girlfriend aw best friend hatta.

6) “Joey Tribbiani”

Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at 7.52.43 PM.png

Joey has 12 million subscribers 3ala youtube w he’s making a comeback 3ala vine el gedid inshallah. Howa begad definition of player bas you don’t mind 3ashan howa begad amar. Even though his life is still pretty tough due to him having an unstable job bas you dream of living like him. He’s constantly travelling , meeting models and celebrities w he’s eating all of your favourite foods min kol hetta. Joey is your other half hatta law he’s not 24/7 available bas he’s still one of the most amazing and sincere people you’ll ever meet bas don’t forget to tell him which girl you have a crush on lahssan ye2lebo best friends w el jealousy temawetak ya ross.

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