10 Habits You Adopt When You’re On Your Period

By: Aicha Korachy

Whether you got your period or still await the arrival of the cursed haunting of the uterus, you will eventually come across a few habits that your period builds along the months of stains, pain and discarded white jeans. Here are just ten of what every girl acquires when she hits womanhood:


Habit #1: The Sideways Glance

Slyly giving your chair a sideways glance to hastily check if you’ve stained your aunt’s white, posh dining table seat or worse; your light colored wooden chair in a mixed class, with a male teacher…


Habit #2: Prepared Patty

Wearing a pad/tampon an entire week before your period hits because nothing sucks more than being stuck in a bathroom stall at a restaurant 30 minutes in the class outing.


Habit #3: Praying Patty

Praying to God every single time you hit the gym or go to your training, that your pad doesn’t shift out of place and you end up with a crimson behind unknowingly.


Habit #4: Binge. Eatin.

And blaming it on your hormones.

“Diets stop when periods hit.”

“I’ll start eating clean after my period.”

“It’s only for the next five days…”


Habit #5: Masking Pain

Your uterus is technically committing suicide and you feel your abdominal muscles tearing… but you’ve got a life. Jobs to do. An education to get. Family gatherings to attend. Even the most delicate of creatures master the skill of controlling their facial expressions during this period of pain (pun intended).


Habit #6: Sign of “the Times”

As the months go by you start understanding your own period.

Oh crap I’m very emotional this week.

Shit! I’ve been sleeping so much lately!

Damn it! I think my tummy caught a cold!

God what is wrong with me? Why am I so sad/overly excited?

The signs become more prominent. The approach becomes less surprising.

Period is coming… (s/o to all you GOT fans!)


Habit #7: Blood Sisters

No bond of any “Bro Code” or Secret Covenant can ever compare to being in a bathroom stall, your identity concealed from anyone, and shouting out at all the girls outside:

“Does anyone have a pad/tampon?!”

That one girl that shouts back a yes and slide one for you under the stall’s door becomes your savior for the day. This is why all your bags have a pad/tampon stored inside. You might not know her. She might not know you. But the sisterhood keeps us all binded to one another. Blood Sisters.


Habit #8: Wise Fashion Decisions

Too big underwear? Hmmm, unflattering for my body, but convenient. Dark pants? Don’t compliment my skin tone, but very useful every once in awhile. Long, butt covering hoodies? Yes. Yes Yes. School Uniform? A God sent gift.

Lower rates of expensive clothes in garbage cans after failure at being cleansed.


Habit #9: Washing Wiz

Every experienced period master can easily open up their own blog on “How to Remove Period Stains Safely without Ruining Garments.” It’s a skill you acquire. A habit that is required.


Habit #10: Cursing the Daylights of Everything and Everyone

Sometimes there just is no explanation.

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