5 Lies We Still Believe Despite the Khawazee2 They Brought

By: Zeinah Hesham 

1) The “You Need Him” Lie :

Even though we live in an independent society and day by day women gain more freedom, it does not change the fact that at the back of your head you have this voice that’s telling you that at the end of the day you cannot end up alone. It’s the lie that all of society believes or at least wants to believe. This lie ruins lives because it makes you hold on to someone that might be terrible for you but you still stay cause you do believe that you need him.

2) The “Romantic Soul mates” Lie :

The sick thing about soul mates is that people always seem to believe that soul mates are only people that you fall in with but in reality there are many soul mates. There is a soulmate that you feel at ease with when you talk to because they understand you , the soulmate that you have coffee with and talk about books to , there’s the soulmate that always argues with you but never hates you and there is your body soulmate and honestly so many many more than just the person you spend the rest of your life with.

3) The “Your Future Is Over” Lie :

As humans , we tend to have this habit of believing that every little thing that happens to you is the worst thing in the world and that your life is most likely over. In reality ; a fail is just a fail and a rejection is just someone saying no and life goes on and the years pass and you meet other people and you learn new things and you pass other tests and you find friends and you love yourself. That lie means nothing because even though it seems like a big deal now , one day you’ll be having your breakfast and that flashback is one that will make you laugh and not cry.

4) The “You’re A Good Person” Lie :

Most of the time , we victimize ourselves and we blame others for whatever goes wrong in our lives and in most cases we use the phrase ‘I’m a good person, why is this happening to me?’ . Maybe you are a good person or maybe you’re the villain in every person’s life but at this point it doesn’t matter because bad shit will happen to you , regardless of who you are and what makes you a good person is simply what you choose to do after those bad things happen to you.

5) The “Perfect Boys Only Exist In Books” Lie :

Constantly , we raise girls into believing that boys cannot be fixed and that we’re the ones that have to work on ourselves to impress them or play games so that they’d change or start liking us but honestly , there’s nothing called the perfect guy because you will never meet someone who is perfect according to everyone. The Perfect guy doesn’t have to be good looking and strong and romantic – the perfect guy is someone who cares about you , cherishes you and never treats you as if you’re anything less than a goddess.  

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